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    Boiling battery

    A friend Oliver just put in fresh batteries and drove his truck to burning man. When he got there he sent a photo (thermal) of a very hot front right battery. We believe it's overheating. I checked the voltage regulator and it was alternating green before the trip. We checked the output...
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    Fuel mixing guide

    I remember someone mentioning you can mix in ATF, WVO, Gasoline etc. I heard there was a table or manual for safe mixing ratios. Where can I find that?
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    front axle seal leak

    I have a leak out of what appears to be my front axle seal on the passenger side. I have found the seal itself and it's on order. Are there any other seals I should order in preparation for the repair? A friend said that most hubs have a paper seal but I see none in the TM.
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    rusty toolbox

    After some rain my toolbox is now wet inside. I did notice that it is rusting quite a bit. I see in the top left hand corner there is a small vent hole. Has anyone tackled this repair yet?
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    Adding Backup/360 Cameras

    This is a HowTo and general discussion of Cameras on the LMTV. My truck came with a camera and screen pre-installed but due to odd wiring it made/making my voltmeter not work. In another thread: we...
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    adding new circuits to the fuse box - how?

    I ordered and installed a new volt meter only to discover last night that it also does not work. So I believe the previous owner did some "custom" work when installing the backup camera. I now need to find his handy work and undo it. I would like to use one of the unused sockets/breaker...
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    need help finding TM with electrical schematics

    I've tried looking through my collection of TMs but I can't find the electrical diagrams/schematics. Checking google I find them for other vehicles: On this page there are a set of Fold Out (FO) diagrams such as...
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    power steering gear slow leak - seals?

    I noticed I am getting a leak from the power steering gear that pushes the pitman arm out of the passengers side where the plastic mud garde is. Looking in the TM I see this is a complete unit and no tear down information in the TM. Has anyone torn one of these down? Are the seals replaceable?
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    SRW swapping the rope to the rear - procedure?

    background: My truck came with the SRW fitted. I went to an offroad park to get stuck and practice with the winch. As many people warned. It's much better to winch to the rear and pull yourself out of the mess you just drove into. :) Procedure: find the roller leads with the rope sticking out...
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    hydraulic bypass kit

    I'm about to fix my cab latch. Looking at the TM I can find the elbow connected to the cab latch. I would like to cap it off to see if I can tilt my cab to remove the whole latch to work on it in my garage. Searching the part I turn up the eaton elbow with description: Male SAE to Male JIC 90...
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    Tire rotation amd wear?

    So I have the problem of my alternator bolt vibrating off. I have not balanced my drive shafts yet. I noticed something recently. My front tires are more warn then the rear ones. When I put a load in the back I get some driveline whine. Will rotating the worn tires to the rear help make them...
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    cab tilt hydraulic failure

    Today when I went to tilt the cab some hydraulic bit failed and sprayed fluid all over the engine. I switched off the air/hydraulic pump and tried with the hand pump and still same result. I did my best to figure out where it was coming from. Just under the cab latch it was soaked and...
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    Leaky fuel cap

    Stopped the truck on a hill with a full tank and noticed fuel leaking from the cap. I muscled the cap on tighter and got it stopped. Is there a special tool for tightening the cap? Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G930A using Tapatalk
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    calculating MPG

    I'm finding it tricky to calculate fuel economy because I'm not sure how full to fill the diesel tank. How do you fill and calculate your MPG?
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    CTIS schrader valve and kneeling valve assembly

    My left rear tire is leaking down slowly over 2 days or so. I initially found a leak where the kneeling valve meets the valve stem for the tire. After disassembly re-assembly there I found the kneeling valve to be leaking. Cycling the valve seemed to only make things worse. Tonight I took it...
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    slow leak in tire

    My driver side rear tire leaks down slowly (2 days to go flat). This is a new problem it didn't do it for the first month or so. I tried the soapy water trick and found the union between the valve stem and the CTIS kneeling valve was leaking. Looking at the TM it shows an o-ring there so I...
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    LED instrument panel lights

    My voltmeter went out and now I'm looking to see if I can get brighter lights for my gages. The TM lists: 60 PAOZZ 71744 CM7376 .LAMP,INCANDESCENT.................. 36 That turns out to be a 7376 bulb which is easy to find on the internet. I have not located a LED drop in replacement. Has...
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    air lines - refresh

    Tonight I discovered a 3/8 to 3/8 coupler mid span in one of the air lines which was leaking air. I found the union behind the air tanks against the frame rails facing the drive shaft splined section. I would like to replace the whole hose to remove the union and add reliability there. I'm...
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    steering free play

    It looks like I have a lot of steering free play. I see posts for other vehicles but no mention for FMTV. Has anyone tried tackling this job?
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    Tach works then doesnt

    I have the optional Tachometer in my truck. When I start the truck it goes from 0-max then back. It works find for a while then sometimes it goes zero and back on. Today it worked for like 10 min then back to zero to stay there. My Volts gage also does not work so I know I will be into my dash...
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