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    M127 Deck Repair/Care

    This book has great pictures of military trucks and trailers if you can find one I bought this one off E bay some time back
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    Brake bleed advice

    This bleeder from Harbor freight works great on these trucks
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    CCKW Parts Sources

    bottom seat closed cab CCKW all the springs need replaced some are broken I also have the straps that hold up the seat
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    CCKW Parts Sources

    I have a lower seat that needs a a complete rebuild I will post pictures in the morning
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    DT466 mechanical overall size?

    The 5 tons with the Mack engine has about 1 1/4 of the top frame flange cut out to move the engine over to the right to help miss the third member . The tip fan on the multifuel is lower then the top of the valve cover and there is not much room between the hood and the valve cover the...
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    New Mexico members check in here!

    I think now before you take a number and wait there is a person you check with to see if you have what you need . good looking truck .
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    New Mexico members check in here!

    When registering in NM I found out that Kaiser Jeep is not in there system you will have to pick the name Kaiser or the name Jeep and multifuel is not in the system you have to pick gas or diesel . There system also has problems with the serial number not having 17 numbers ...
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    M51a2 red and amber bed reflectors?

    Behind the reflector there is a disc that will push out that holds the reflector in the reflectors can be found at any auto parts store .
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    Does this sound like a fuel issue

    I have had trouble on equipment through the years with different types of fuel lines where the inner liner separates from the outer part of the hose some times it happens near a heat source . It seams the equipment will start and run but when more more fuel is pulled through the line the...
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    Winch problem on a fire dept M54A2 5ton

    Having a front winch is very useful and using a helper is fine they can watch that the cable spools up across the drum but when done winching I trade place's so I can make sure the cable spools up right then I tell them to push the clutch to stop other wise when the hook and chain get close...
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    Trailer recovered

    Height is 14 feet 2 inches
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    Trailer recovered

    I'm not sure I have had thoughts of removing the axle and landing gear a setting it on a pad for storage or insulating it and finishing the inside for a reloading room . With the fifth wheel all the way back I was able to run the winch line under the fifth wheel and hook up to the center of...
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    Trailer recovered

    I bought a pup box trailer and went to pick it up it has been sitting in one spot for about 25 years the air brakes where caged so I though the lines where damaged turned out they where fine .The lights worked filled the hubs with oil adjusted the brakes aired up the 11 24.5 tires and...
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    What have you done to your 5 ton this week?

    I moved my filth wheel back so I could pull a pup box trailer home this week ,
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    Conversion of Power Steering

    This is a pictures of when I replaced the multi fuel in my 67 M52A2 with a Mack 673 using the multi fuel steering pump with the insides turned around because it now turns the other way the reservoir is a lot smaller then the multi fuel its maybe 1 1/4 quarts other then what is in the hoses...
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    Brake drum adapter bolts

    I'm not sure what these came off of they have washer and lock nuts they are 3/8 x 1 1/4 the over all is 1 3/8 the serrated part fits in side a 1/2 hole with some play and will not fit in side 7/16 hole I also have some that are 7 /16
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    New Mexico members check in here!

    Farmington NM
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    Plumbing trailer brakes

    The red splits at that valve one goes to the back of the truck for a trailer hooked to the pintle hitch and the other red is for when a trailer is hooked up to the fifth wheel each end has a on and off valve by the glad hand . there are no brake release buttons in the cab just a manual...
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    Plumbing trailer brakes

    marked with the yellow tape is where the air line comes off the hydraulic booster and goes to the relay valve .The red tape lines go to the rear of the truck glad hand and to the glad hands for the fifth wheel trailer the green tape marks the air line from the hand brake control by the...
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    Plumbing trailer brakes

    I can take some pictures of how my truck is set up and post them in the morning .
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