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  1. J

    Oil drain valve

    I did not like the process of changing the oil on these trucks. Having the oil shoot out the side of the oil pan and head straight for the tire seems like a bad idea. Also, I am using 5 gallon buckets and the Cat C-12 holds a lot more than one bucket so then I had to switch buckets while the...
  2. J

    Who bought hood number USMC-592475?

    I think they bought USMC-592475 as a parts truck because it does not run. I could use a part off of it. PLEASE let me know if you have the truck!
  3. J

    Gasket/Seal for gunners hatch

    My gunner's hatch gasket was all worn out so I have been looking for the proper replacement for months. I finally gave up and found one that is really close. Here is a photo of them both. Old one (OEM) on the left, new one on the right. The foot or so of the old one is the only section that...
  4. J

    Reduce cab height on 7 Ton

    I needed to do some repairs to my cab and it required reducing it. So I thought I would make a video about the process too. The video could be better but at least you can get the idea. This is what it looks like when it is done.
  5. J

    Need help with unhooked hose

    Micah, I did a favor for you so now I am asking a favor from you. I was looking for grease zerks under my truck (found 37 so far) and I found what looks like a fitting that should have a hose on it. BUT there is no hose to hook to it. Could you please check your truck and see what hooks up to...
  6. J

    7 Ton transmission oil change

    I made a video of changing the oil in the tranny. I know Micah made a video but I thought I would do a different take on it.
  7. J

    Oil sample valves, how to use

    So I saw the connectors under the passenger door a long time ago but I was not sure how to use them. MAdams mentioned them in one of his videos but I was still not really sure how to use them. Well, I changed the fluid and filters in my transmission and I put in too much fluid so I thought...
  8. J

    Using FOIA to get truck info

    OK, here are step by step instructions on how to get the Marines to give you information on your truck FOR FREE. You will need your VIN, hood serial number, and photo of the driver's door inside showing the VIN and serial number. Go to this URL: Then Create an...
  9. J

    Replace LED clearance marker on MK23

    So I thought LEDs were supposed to last a long time but one of mine didn't last so long. On my truck, the red LED on the drivers side rear went out. It was working intermittently but it finally died. So I took a look at it and did not see a connector for it and I thought that was strange but no...
  10. J

    Backup camera for 7 Ton

    I have a back up camera in all my other vehicles so I thought I would hook up one on the 7 Ton. I did not look forward to running a cable all the way from the back to the front so I checked into wireless backup cameras. I was not sure if the transmitted signal would make it through all the...
  11. J

    7 ton fuses VS circuit breakers

    My circuit breakers would trip all the time and then I would worry about what was shorting out. Everything seemed to work but the breakers would pop up and then I would push them down - over and over. I finally thought I should figure this out so I replaced all the breakers with fuses so I could...
  12. J

    Instruction video on starting and driving a 7 Ton

    I made this short video about starting and driving a 7 Ton in case there are people who do not know how exactly to do it. Two things I did not make very clear in the video is that the book says to wait 10 minutes after starting before driving and waiting 10 minutes after driving before turning...
  13. J

    Tie Rod End replacement

    The boots on my tie rod ends were completely falling apart and even though the Tie Rod Ends were tight, I thought I should replace the whole thing. So I set out to replace all 4 tie rod ends. I found out quickly that the ones listed in the parts list, the commercial equivalents were not exactly...
  14. J

    My 7 ton is lost somewhere

    So my EUC finally cleared and I sent a trucking company down to Yermo to get it and bring it to its new home. The driver was nice and happened to be from Utah. He got to Yermo about noon and now they close at 2pm so he thought he had time to get my 7 ton loaded. Well, a lot of MTVR trucks were...
  15. J

    Beauty shots of 7 ton in the snow

    Snowing in Utah at the end of March. I hope we get some good weather soon so I can do things with the 7 Ton.
  16. J

    Electrical box under the cab

    I washed my truck and after I started it again, all my dash gauges were not working and all the lights were on. The alarms were going off too. I have always thought that was a loose connector or something grounding out. So I guess some water got somewhere it should not have. When I was looking...
  17. J

    Ran your 7 Ton out of fuel?

  18. J

    Only one 7 Ton listed now

    GP used to have many MTVRs for sale but now there is just one. I wonder if they stopping selling them until the government gets caught up with EUCs and SF-97s.
  19. J

    Changing axle hub oil

    I watched MAdams's video about changing the axle hub oil and I saw he had water in his. I got worried so I thought I had better change my hub oil too. I really just wanted to see what was in there. Not water I hope! Well, the good news is no water. The bad news is that all 6 hubs had some...
  20. J

    Grease points video from USMC
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