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    Spin on fuel filter

    Any thoughts on changing out the factory base for a spin on ? Easy to do ? Who sales the parts? THANKS. In advance. Semper Fi ! keith
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    Fuel System and air leaks

    Quick and dirty...truck quit under acceleration. replaced fuel pump and filter. Primed both but I seem to have air bubbles in the clear hose going into my water bottle I have for a catch and a little foam/air bubbles in the fuel going into the bottle. Can I hook a section of new fuel line to...
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    Fuels sending unit and sock filter

    My normally great running M1009 quit on me going down the road last week. Research on the forum has got me looking at the fuel sock in the tank. The sending unit started acting up about a year ago so this would seem to be a good time to replace the unit. . My local auto zone doesn't have much...
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    Oldest M37

    Latest MV mag that made it to my mail box yesterday has a article on the "oldest" M37 still running. With the info provided in the article I did the math on my oldest M37 (April-51) and it seems to be the 1450th vehicle off the line. Four months into production and they had over 1400 trucks...
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    M37USMC rear shackles

    Any body looking for these ??? Semper Fi !! keith
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    I use to own a M561 from the Redstone youth program and I recently found a TM-9 in my parts storage area. I will sent it to the first owner (free) that shares a pic of their M561 here. and........GO Semper Fi ! keith
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    Carb info

    So I am having a issue with a carb on one of my M37's , at the moment I think it's a float issue. But digging thru my parts I remembered I had a NOS carb. In the box was this paper work. I scanned it in my computer and thought I'd share it with who ever may need it. SEMPER FI !! Keith
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    M939 Series Referbs

    Does anyone on the forum have any "direct" knowledge of what's done to a M923 that goes thru referb @ RRAD ? I've seen some discussions on it before on the forum but not sure if it was current with our recent releases. Semper Fi !! keith
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    M939 Series Prices

    Back when these trucks were being sold at action the prices were fairly reasonable for a decent truck (4-5 yrs ago).. But here lately it seems they have exploded in value. This is not the way green stuff is designed to go, the more work and money you put in it the LESS it's worth. Some one...
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    Trail riding with the big boys..

    A few years back our club (Dixie Division) had our yearly meet and trail ride down here in So Alabama. Our area was blessed with a lot of rain that week which made our creek crossing "interesting". SEMPER FI !!! keith
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    Tire question

    Any of you guys swap your 1400x20's over to the 395x20's ? Any pics on the height difference you could share? General thoughts as to advantage? There is a vendor on the site I want to purchase from and I don't wish to waste his time with my second guessing. SEMPER FI !! keith
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    Air Pressure Issue

    I've done some searching on the forum but haven't found anything ...My M923A2 (with CTIS) will build air pressure on start up to 120psi on both primary and secondary tanks in about 3-4 minutes. BUT when I drive to down the road and use that PSI there is no rebuilding it in the I...
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    Love the M37

    I have a herd of these trucks...three that are rolling and one that will be soon as I have a frame off on it right now and a few that are going to be a project or a parts source for someone other than me. These I did a frame off on and sometime back. I have no "free" time as I seem to always be...
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    M37 spark plugs

    What's going on with the price on the Autolite 2243's ? Maybe it's been a while since I have purchased new ones, as I still have several dozen put away, but they sure seem to have shot up in price. Or have I just woke up to the inflation of the hobby? SEMPER FI ! keith
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    Battery Hold downs

    I need some of the battery hold down rods.. NOT the J-hooks anybody got a source of for those ?? SEMPER FI ! keith
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    One thousand thousand dollars

    I watched a program this past Sunday on AHC (old military channel) titled "MILITARY COLLECTORS". The gentleman that was the subject of this episode is a long time restorer of vehicles. The HMMWV came up in the discussion and he stated, "that you'll spend a thousand dollars on maintenance for...
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    Guys ..George from Vermont Commercial has passed away yesterday. If you have been into M37's very long you know George. The hobby will not be the same without him. He was a great friend and will be missed by many. RIP George I will miss you! SEMPER FI ! Keith
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    Another Hard start CUCV

    I have noticed my M1009 was getting harder to crank on cold ( for south Alabama) days. The relay on the fire wall made a sound like closing a squeeky door followed by a thump and the wait light would finally go out . If it made that sound I knew it would not start. Since it has been running...
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    Possibly No More Trucks from DLA

    Ok....I'm sure that most everyone who have puchased a vehicle from these guys got the same email....So what vehicles did they pull at the request of DOD ??? Semper Fi !! keith ********** Proceed to the end of the thread. No new threads will be allowed. Infractions and time off will be...
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    Air system question

    Picked up a M923A2 a few months back and I have noticed that as I have ran it to build air pressure it makes a loud honking sound , sounds like a pissed off goose, from underneath the truck. Sounds like it comes from the air dryer area . Only does it a few times during a half hour
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