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    M35 Bed in northeast?

    looking for a usable bed for my deuce for cheap, if anyone got one from a bobbed deuce or just hanging around shoot me a PM
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    gasser tune up parts

    Looking for a quote on plugs, wires cap and rotor for a 53 studebaker with OA331, but it has civilian distributor, plugs and wires and is currently 12v.
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    Gasser deuce with civvy distributor and 12v parts

    My 53 Stude I just aquired seems to have a civilian dizzy in it and the whole truck including starter has been converted to 12v by the fire dept who used to own it. I am lost as to where to start looking for ignition parts..... What other makes and models did the OA331 come in? I need...
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    Quick vin question

    Not sure which one is my vin number. My data plate is as follows: Stock number: G2742-8358464 Ser. No. (No stamping, it’s blank) MFR SER NO m-32819 Cont. No. da-11-022 ord-735 I’m not sure which one or combination is my vin number
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    Registering a deuce in NH and I don’t have a title

    N.H requires title for three axle rigs. My deuce has no title as it was a yard truck for a long time. I’ve been told I can do a bonded title. But I’ve also read I can register it in VT and then transfer the reg and since VT doesn’t require a title NH will then issue one. Any ideas or...
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    m35 and m35a1 harness differences?

    What are the major differences between a gasser deuce harness and a multi fuel harness. I assume engine specific stuff will be different, but can/has one use/used a later harness for a gasser truck? My harness is pretty sketchy looking. I can fix what I have if needed but the price of newer...
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    holley 500cfm 2 barrel on a gasser deuce?

    hello, My gasser should be arriving in a week or so, and I'd like to crack into it and make sure its a runner before burying myself in buying parts. I have two original carbs I'd like to make into one good one, but both are froze up at the moment. I do however have a good working holley 500 CFM...
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    Gasser Deuce pics and videos?

    if this kind of thread is not allowed feel free to delete. Looking for pics and videos of gasser deuces. Picking up my 53 studebaker in a week, and not finding alot of pics and vids out there for inspiration. Offroading videos are even better if you have them!
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    Anyone ever put an A2 exhaust stack on a gasser deuce?

    Looking to see if anyone ever put a stack from a later multi fuel deuce on a gasser? I know I still wont have a diesel, but it looks cool as **** and 99% of the public wont know the difference.
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    1953 “gasser” deuce build thread/ adventure

    Picking up a 53 studebaker Reo gasser deuce, need towing advice, and learning advice Hey everyone, Picking up my first deuce, it was basically free, its a 53 (I think) Studebaker (I think) with a gas motor. I have to have it towed about five miles. The wrecker company is going to use an C6500...
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