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  1. Shankem-Deep

    M1008 Project Fire Rescue

    I just scored a pretty decent M1008 fire truck! It's been a while since I've posted anything but I may need some help getting this rig going! It's a wiring nightmare at the moment. I don't believe it has been converted to 12v but not 100% sure yet. I just started working on it this evening. I'm...
  2. Shankem-Deep

    M1009 Takes off in 2nd gear

    I just put a rebuilt th400 transmission in my 09. It has a new vacuum modulator, new vacuum valve set correctly, and new vacuum lines. It shifts through the gears fine until it gets warm. After it's warm, it stays in 2nd gear when taking off from a stop. I can manually down shift it to 1st and...
  3. Shankem-Deep

    M-1009 Jack Hold Downs

    I have the jack, handle, and lug wrench but i'm missing the hold down brackets and wing nuts. Does anyone know where I could buy some? I checked ebay. Could someone take some detailed pics of the hold downs and maybe give me some dimensions so I could make some? Any help is appreciated!!!
  4. Shankem-Deep

    Reverse Lights Stay On

    I justed picked up a M1009 this past weekend. I've starting fixing a lot of small issues but can't figure out why the reverse lights stay on. The only way to shut them off is to turn the service light switch off. Any Suggestions?
  5. Shankem-Deep

    DIY Cab Corner Repair

    One of the things i've been putting off fixing for awhile is my rusted out cab corners. I wasn't looking forward to the body work that needed to be done. Then it hit me, why go to all that trouble when my truck will never be a show truck. My truck is a reliable rig that is going to get used but...
  6. Shankem-Deep

    Diy External Transmission Cooler

    Since I had the bumper and grill off for my winch install, I figured it would be a good time to add that tranny cooler i've been needing. Picking a tranny cooler is a challenge in itself. I went with a B&M Hi-Tek SuperCooler 70297. It has a built in thermostat that switches the fan on when the...
  7. Shankem-Deep

    Diy Winch Install

    There's been a few times in my M1028 adventures where having a winch would have made life much easier. I always say it's better to have and not need than to need and not have. There's tons of options when buying a winch and it can be overwhelming choosing one. I've heard a good way to choose the...
  8. Shankem-Deep

    Transfer Case Problem?

    So this weekend I took a couple buddies out to have some 4-wheel fun in my M1028. After lots of 4-low fun I reversed through a deep hole of water, once I made it through I put it back in drive and something made a audible pop. All seemed fine so we took it out of 4-wheel and headed back home. On...
  9. Shankem-Deep

    Diy steering box brace

    So I got around to building a steering box brace this weekend for my M1028. I noticed the steering getting sloppy awhile back and it turned out to be the bolts holding the steering box to the frame coming loose. I tightened them, but they kept working loose after only a short time. I had read...
  10. Shankem-Deep

    Diy rock sliders

    I made rock sliders for my M1028 after seeing some built in a Peterson's 4wheel and offroad article. (See Link) 1986 Chevy 1-ton Army Truck - Chevy Brand Pages - 4-Wheel & Off-Road I though that it was a great Idea but wanted mine a little different. For one I didn't want them to be welded to...
  11. Shankem-Deep

    CUCV Technical Info

    I stumbled onto this site and thought I would share it. Some good general information on a lot of common questions. CUCV Technical Info &raquo Motor Mayhem
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