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    M1114 Power Steering Pump Replaced and Have Spares!

    I got lucky and located 5 brand new in the box power steering pumps for the UAH type 6.5's. We changed ours and you can literally steer it with one finger now.
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    Saw a HMMWV with mounted .50 cal driving in Orange, Texas?

    I don't know who it was but a few days ago I saw a nice clean HMMWV with a mounted .50 caliber driving on Strickland Dr. in Orange Texas. I assume the .50 was not real and I almost pulled him over (no plates) to get the story but I was busy going somewhere. Anyone know who this would be?
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    Found New Armored Windshields

    These are hard to find but I finally found some new armored windshields. I picked these up Thursday. Brand new ones for driver and passenger side. If anyone needs them, there are some more out there.
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    I have too Many CUCV's and Parts

    Im not sure if this goes in the sale section and Im not sure how to post there anyway so here's my dilemma. I have three CUCV's, an M1009, M1008, and M1031 DRW shop maint truck. I have also acquired a 1994 6.5 turbo/NV 4500, 3500 CC that I was planning to use for a rebuild and engine swap into...
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    Bought Another but What Is It? M1031/M1028A2/A3?

    This is my 5th CUCV but never had one like this. I would like to make into a hay hauling truck on the farm but I wont if there's a reason to keep it as is or if it has some special parts. Anyone want the shop bed if I remove it?. So it started life as a M1031, then was converted to duals, then...
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    M1114 Windshields

    It seems the M1114 windshields are hard to find. Has anyone had any luck trying to get them looking better once they start to cloud up? Although they would be much easier to see through, it would be pointless to install regular glass instead of the bullet resistant type but I'm having trouble...
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    We Just Got An Armored Vehicle!

    Our latest is this 2009 armored HMMWV. Better engine and many improvements over our other ones. Now just need to decide what to mount on the turret.
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    Picked up Some M1078's. M1009's, M1008's

    Added some really nice vehicles to the fleet. The M1078's are great condition with very low mileage. One of them is equipped with a winch. The old M1009's and M1008's are good shape as well.
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    Latest Addition to Our DOD Fleet

    We recently got another M1097-A1. Low mileage, runs perfect, inspected, plates, and street tested. Great for in-town driving. Thanks for all the great info on this forum.
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    1995 M1097 A1 Issue LEO Vehicle

    Hello everyone. I picked up our Department HMMWV from Fort Polk (LESO program) a few days ago and need some help. I'm a Lt. and our SRT Commander with extensive mechanics background but have limited knowledge on the GM 6.5 diesel and no experience with the M1097 A1. I have all the Army manuals...
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