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    Towing M211 with tow bar

    Got it home late. Of course it rained on me too😂. But I had an extra set of knuckles with my tow bar....perfect fit! Add safety chains, remove 3 driveshaft flanges, secure driveshafts and slow road testing. Tracked amazingly really. Even when Google maps took me through a washed out...
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    Towing M211 with tow bar

    If my tow bar pins are 1” and this is 15/16th i guess i can get some G8 bolts. I doubt that 1/16th” would notice. Thoughts?
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    Towing M211 with tow bar

    Thank you all! Plowboy i see pulling front flanges instead of front DS. Sure it helps with freespooling for turning. Then the rear DS to isolate the tranny. Tie the wheel some say yes some say it tracks. Guess we will see. Wish i had a large trailer. That really is the best answer...
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    Towing M211 with tow bar

    Quick question. I bought a M211 about 2 hours away. Its running but needs a total fluid go over and such. So my dilema is do I spend 2 hours greasing/filling, new batteries or just lumber my 1990 M23A up there? I have a tow bar for my 5 ton but Ive never used it. How do the M211 tow...
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    Tire Size Comparison 16 vs 14 vs 15.5

    This is what I love to hear!
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    Fuel gauge troubleshooting

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    FOUND! Stolen M939 out of Monroe Washington

    I leave my air tanks petcocks open too. I figure if they want it that will give me 10 extra minutes before they figure out its not building air. I have the TMG locking door handles too but really its still a soft top.
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    Tire Size Comparison 16 vs 14 vs 15.5

    I had to look those tires up! Pretty cool didnt know that option existed. Some of our beet trucks could use those
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    Tire Size Comparison 16 vs 14 vs 15.5

    Correct there was an A3 guy mudding up the thread a bit. I only say that because of the wheel questions not just tire sizes. This is great info and useful as I'm starting to look at tires after I move so I have a second set.
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    Tire Size Comparison 16 vs 14 vs 15.5

    Can we not do 2.5T stuff in 5 ton threads? It just adds to the confusion
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    What have you done to your 5 ton this week?

    This is amazing thank you!!
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    CTIS issue and questions

    You wont like 80PSI unless youre loaded down. I drove 68psi and it was too much. Check for override valves between the tire and CTIS wheel valve. Mine blinked when I was at 68 PSI 5 lights and my first fix was taking those out and airing down/up to around 55psi. ran great about 2 months...
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    What have you done to your 5 ton this week?

    Converted my Dash lights to LED also but I used SMD Green LEDs and made cover plates painted black instead of the longer lenses. Honestly works too well, big gauges are clear and bright but the smaller ones wash out a bit. I'm going to remove the ones on the smaller gauges with standard bulbs...
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    M923A2 Cold Start

    Anybody think about using a stick on reptile tank heating pad with some flashing type aluminum tape over it for on the tranny pan? My engine is ok with a block heater but the tranny takes forever to heat up and after it puked hydraulic oil out the dipstick when I ran it cold its my #1 concern...
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    Hardtop on now some issues

    May I ask where you got it? I'm going to start a hunt for one, or build one this spring.
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    Hardtop on now some issues

    The sheet metal is stretched then. Go youtube old school body guys tips. It'll have to come off and get some heat and maybe some contraction holes put in. Or throw a top skin on it and insulate the inside to hide the waves.
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    I bought another Oshkosh WT2206 meet BLOWZIILA

    just the blowers?
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    looked in the TM...need a hand please

    So I looked through the TM and see reference to the inner CTIS hub components, and I've found the service kit for sale. However I couldn't find a diagram or service instruction for it. Does anybody have it or point me toward it? I built a manual CTIS valve assembly the other day and love it...
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    LED Gauge Panel Backlighting Upgrade

    Post up when you do. I got some wiring figured out and have full power now. But my curiosity got the better of me so I ordered the bulbs you don't recommend in green for 9.99 delivered.....what the hay right? I'm going to use spacers like you did and make face plates instead of the lenses to...
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    Manual CTIS control how to.

    Thank you!
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