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    Need 3 M-151 rims

    Red river has them at 30.00 each. 10.00 each to ship.
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    M-151 rims and trucks tires for sale

    5 truck tires and Military rims. 7.50 x 16. All new inner tubes. All hold air, but some tires are cracked. Best offer. KC area.
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    Need 3 M-151 rims

    Price is fair enough, just wondering about the shipping !!
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    Need 3 M-151 rims

    Need 3 M-151 Rims in the KC area. Thanks 913-634-1785
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    Were the M151s and the M151A1s in anyway better than the M151A2s?

    I love all of them (y)
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    A2 rear seat frame wanted

    Anyone have laying around ?
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    Anyone know of a Complete or non cut M-151A2 just sitting ?

    Yep, done. All is well here. Hope you doing well !!
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    M-1009 then and now

    Added 2 more springs on each side up front. Added a 3 inch lift to clear the motor.
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    M-1009 then and now

    Will do. I realize that some do not care for the Perkins engine swap. All I can say is..My truck, my way. !!
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    M-1009 then and now

    It's a 7.4 liter used in a Combine. Turbo boost and a 4 speed auto w/od. It smokes the tires and runs like a wild ape. No complaints except it takes 10 minutes to lean out. Very smoky and stinky for that 1st 10 minutes.
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    M-1009 then and now

    The Perkins is a 454 Cubic Inch straight Six.
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    M-1009 then and now

    I will have to check. Yes, it's a straight massive six. Engine weighs over 1500 lbs.
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    Perkins Diesel Conversion M-1009

    Not sure on the liter size. It was a combine engine. It is massive. it is hooked up to a Later model Automatic with o/d. Both engine, Transmission and transfer case have been rebuilt. (not cheap) We are at 35K spent right now. Getting a adapter kit for the transmission was the worst part about it.
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    Perkins Diesel Conversion M-1009

    Good Bye 6.2. Hello Perkins Diesel.
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    M-1009 then and now

    Almost Done with the Perkins Diesel swap and fine tuning.
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    M-1009 then and now

    Testing pictures
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    Steering wheel removal.

    A civilian puller will work too. just protect the middle shaft/threads. Don't forget the PB Blaster. BTW no such thing as a '66 A2.
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    A2 parts wanted

    Tie rods, upper and lower RIGHT SIDE control arms.
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    M151A1 to M151A2 Conversion?

    A conversion from A1 to an A2 would never work imo. If you using a A2 wiring on a older model, you are better off going to a 60 amp alt. Problem solved and you can lose the bread box.
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    M151 A-1 Coil

    I am with Hambone here. What fluid are you referring too ? There is oil in the coil, but not some toxic radioactive nuclear waste to worry about. Hmmm How do A2 coils cool then ? That vent line is worthless (my 2 cents)
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