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    M37 Parking brake drum diameter ?

    Can anyone tell me the diameter of the parking brake drum for the M37 with the New Process 420. I just picked up a 1960 Dodge D400 dump truck missing the parking brake drum and band. Since it uses the same New Procee 420 as the M37 I am trying to determine if the M37 parts will work. Thanks in...
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    Hercules Power Plant Questions

    I have just become the proud ( but unintentional ) owner of a complete Hercules power plant. A local paving company was clearing their lot prior to sale. They had a 1958 Ford F600 tar truck they were going to send to the scrap yard. They had not used it since 2011. The truck has only 60000...
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    m998 Solenoid Wire ( 74A ) Hot All The Time

    I have a 1986 M998 that the starter solenoid burned out on. I replaced the solenoid and starter with a good used unit. When I hooked the batteries back up the starter engages and tries to start the engine. The problem is that wire ( 74A ) to the starter solenoid is hot all the time the...
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    M998 HMMWV Frozen Tailgate Hinges

    I just picked up a 1987 M998 in good condition but needing some work. I am new to the M998 and need some advice on dealing with the problem of corrosion between the aluminum and steel parts. In particular the tailgate hinges are completely frozen. The tailgate , hinges , and frame are in...
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    Kawasaki M1030M1 Manuals

    I have not been able to locate any manual (s) for the M1030M1 motorcycle. Does anyone know any source for the manual ? Does any one even know the TM number/numbers ? I am certain there must have been one provided with the bikes especially since the diesel motor and controls are like nothing...
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    WC 51 Head Gasket

    Does any one have a part # ( NAPA, Fel Pro Auto Zone etc. ) for the dodge 230 head gaasket without the hump? All I can find is the part # for the gasket with the hump and mine needs the one without it. The previous owner of my WC51 tried using the gasket with the hump in combination with JB weld...
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    Sheet metal thickness on 3/4 to Dodge WC

    Does any one know offhand the gauge of sheet metal used on the WW2 3/4 ton Dodge WC trucks ? Are the rear boxes and front fenders the same gauge ? Thanks for the info.
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    Dodge M 880 Stalls When Put In Gear

    I recently purchased a Forest Service M 880 that had been sitting for some time. After straightening out some messed up wiring and a bad ignition switch it starts and runs well. Lights , brakes and steering are fine. The problem is when I put in drive or reverse it stalls unless I rev the...
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    Marine Corp KLR 250 Info Needed

    I recently purchased a partially restored Marine Corp KLR 250 and am finding it difficult to locate much information on these bikes. Can anyone answer the following or point me in the right direction? 1) A history of the purchase contract s for these bikes including the differences between...
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