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    Mystery Transmission Fluid Leak?

    So two months ago I was under my '84 M1028 to remove my starter and have it rebuilt......underside of transmission pan, transfer case, and adapter were all dry, had probably put ~1000 miles on the truck through last deer season with no leaks of transmission fluid whatsoever from anywhere. This...
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    Leaking Transfer Case - Best Kits for Repair

    Si I've put enough miles on now on my recently acquired '84 M1008 to see that I have a nasty transfer case oil leak between the transmission and the transfer case, leaking gear oil down the along the frame crossmember supporting the transfer case. I did a quick search here but didn't see...
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    M1008 Seat Upgrades/Improvements

    Hello, new member here, bought an '84 M1008 last Friday..... Most important/immediate thing to do to improve driveability is a better seat option! Original bench seat is missing covering and foam on driver and passenger sides where everybody slides in across the seat......and I couldn't adjust...
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