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  1. usmcpatriot

    Voltmeter in Yellow

    After having the pleasure of not having too many issues with my M 1008 over the years, well that's over. Hopefully any you all can help. ok, here goes. Starting procedure is simple, turn key, GP light comes on, push manual GP button, till GP light goes off, push starter button, starter turns...
  2. usmcpatriot

    24 Volt Battery Terminal Glowing During Start

    Ok, so my M1008 has been running great for years now. Thank God! Changed oil and filter, changed fuel filter, went to prime IP by disconnecting IP charging wire, and tried to start and noticed 24 volt terminal glowing and smoking rubber boot protector. Turn off checked all my recently...
  3. usmcpatriot

    Steering Column Matches

    Can anyone tell me what years steering column will fit my 1984 M1008 ......ripping out old steering. PO USMC welded steering wheel to column, and needed to replace switches. So getting rid of old and need info to replacement years column....Thanks
  4. usmcpatriot

    Snorkel Yet Another

    Had to get a snorkel, just had to. I pictured parts from Napa for the steel pipe only way to go in my mind. As opposed to pvc. For all the obvious reasons. Precleaner from Donaldson, used. $20.00. Pipes about $80.00 bucks my discount from Napa. Silicone reducer from Home Depot, Heater 3" hose...
  5. usmcpatriot

    GM 6.2 Liter Diesel Engine Service Manual 16015.05-1C

    I found this PDF service manual from GM, searched forums for dups. Haven't found any...the CUCV is considered the "D" truck version in the manual. Hopes this helps all that require additional info on these trucks.
  6. usmcpatriot

    M 1008 U Bolts Modification

    After looking at the old u bolt setup on the rear axle of my M1008, I figured I didn't trust all that rust build up on the anchor plate, which catches all the water and mud and holds it there, leading to rust. So I ordered all four bolts from LMC and the anchor plates. Well the only size that...
  7. usmcpatriot

    M1008 Rear End Play

    Greetings and Salutations to All, Need some advice on "rear end play", when I put the truck into reverse, I hear a clunk. Noticed that my drive shaft is turning 1 to 3 inches before actually grabbing gears is this normal on these trucks, and if not maybe someone will give me some advice on...
  8. usmcpatriot

    Biggest Tires Without a Lift

    I checked all the threads associated with this topic, and found that all five threads were about either lifting, or somehow putting HUMVEE tires on there rigs. Well I guess I will start a thread about people who don't want to lift there rigs, and still install the largest tires possible. I...
  9. usmcpatriot

    Single Stack Exhaust Install

    Installed a new single stack exhaust. Old exhaust was fairly rusted, like swiss cheese. Went with a single stack to save cash, and in the event I have to go swimming one day. Performance jumped, and is more silent than the old dual exhaust setup. Will also install a heat shield. Next project is...
  10. usmcpatriot

    New Old Warn Winch 8274 Install

    Installed an old 8K 8274 Warn winch with a total of 2 hours of service. Installed 4 grade 8 fastners on each side of the frame, 4 external G8 bolts, For a total of 12 G8 bolts. All the welds are 6011, with overlapping 7011 welds. Put a 2 inch receiver tube welded to the rear bumper with the same...
  11. usmcpatriot

    DogHead Relay Mod Backfire?

    This question is for anyone who has done the mod.... I had done the mod today no problem piece of cake...started problem...went to Loews.... 5 miles away....went home another 5 miles...shut engine off...restarted engine....5 minutes later started engine no problem...left off for an...
  12. usmcpatriot

    New Camo Job

    I racked my brain to cammie my truck...went to sites of various conflicts camo...Vietnam, WW2, Korea, and present day...even tried to use digital Marpat...well got pissed off and went freestyle...Please tell me what yall think...comments are welcomed and encouraged.....Tried to...
  13. usmcpatriot

    Two Isolated Ground Alternators?

    Recently had Alt 1 rebuilt, builder said that it was rebuilt as is....with isolated now my Alt 2 went south, and that has to have an isolated ground, no problem, so the million dollar question, can I run two isloated grounded alternators?????
  14. usmcpatriot

    Mech Fuel Pump/Sending Unit

    84 M1008 6.2L ...Ok, here goes, attempted to prime fuel filter as per TM disconnected electrics to IP, have drain tube ready, opened air bleed vavle. cranked engine,,, no fuel coming out of drain tube, ANY Suggestions....
  15. usmcpatriot

    M 1008 Alternator Bracket bolt to water pump snapped at WP

    Ok I was installing alternator, passengerside, installed machine bolt through bracket into waterpump housing {I guess} it snapped were bolt goes into...I tightened to much and cracked, can I weld, is this part aluminum or cast iron...any help will be appreciated
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