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  1. Daybreak

    Hannay Reel - Trailer Mounted MEP-803A

    Howdy, Graywacke part# GEISLV-SR (tight fit, but it works) That is how the NATO slave port works. The center is sliced into 6-7 pieces which spread open when pushed on. AWG 4? that was a pretty penny. The Type W in AWG 6 is good to 87 amps. I have a 100ft of Type W AWG 6. :)
  2. Daybreak

    MEP-803A No Crank

    Howdy, I believe that connection is double nutted. Look and feel around the bottom, you will probably find the nut which vibrated off. Either way, good job tracking it down. :cool:
  3. Daybreak

    802a Hard Start - Thoughts?

    Howdy, It also could be not knowing how to start it properly. MEP-80x startup routine | SteelSoldiers Turn the S1 to prime and run, wait.... wait.... wait.... turn to start, and hold it there... oil pressure is up..ok release. Cold weather starting Turn the S1 to prime and run, wait...
  4. Daybreak

    genset loadbanks

    Howdy, I use a Essex A427 load bank. Works great single phase or 3 phase. (2) Acquired a Military surplus load bank | SteelSoldiers
  5. Daybreak

    MEP 1030, 1040 Models, Running Parallel

    Howdy, I do know some of the advanced base camp operations have proper control boxes which auto start units when more demand is needed. Maybe with 2-3 MEP-1070's and some MEP-1060's. But the camp micro-grid has lots more controlling pieces for it all to work. You need 2 x MEP-1040 to really be...
  6. Daybreak

    MEP 1030, 1040 Models, Running Parallel

    Howdy, I do not think you can mix sizes. Here.. :cool: (1) Generators in Parallel Operation | SteelSoldiers (1) AMMPS MEP-1030 5KW Generator | SteelSoldiers
  7. Daybreak

    Generator purchase advice

    Howdy, I am surprised Guy left out why the 004 and 005 are special. The genhead is a 12 wire unit. Because it can be re-wired to single phase. The MEP-804 and higher all have 10 wire units. You can't reconfigure to single phase.
  8. Daybreak

    AMMPS MEP-1040 10KW Generator List of Part Numbers

    Howdy, Technical manuals are here on Steel Soldiers. MEP-1040/1041 AMMPS 10KW 6115-01-561-7455 (3rd generation generator) TM 9-6115-750-10 - (Operation) TM 9-6115-750-24&P - (Parts)
  9. Daybreak

    AMMPS MEP-1030 5KW Generator List of Part Numbers

    Howdy, Technical manuals are here on Steel Soldiers. MEP-1030/1031 AMMPS 5KW 6115-01-561-7329 (3rd generation generator) TM 9-6115-749-10 - (Operation) TM 9-6115-749-24&P - (Parts)
  10. Daybreak

    AMMPS Generator TM's are posted for 5kw, 10kw, 15kw, 30kw, 60kw

    More AMMPS going out thru auction.
  11. Daybreak

    Advice on Overhauling MEP803A engine

    Howdy, Things to remember. When looking for parts ONAN DN2M and DN4M all use the same parts (2 cyl and 4 cyl) Lister-Petter LPW2 and LPW4 is the same engine. The engines have been around for years. MAYI Diesel has been my go to for parts.
  12. Daybreak


    Howdy, You need to hire a electrician.
  13. Daybreak

    Mep 803a rebuild

    Howdy, Slow down a minute. What kind of soak? How long of a soak? Many members here have found ways. Give it some time. Some have left ATF in the cylinders for days. ATF fluid? Have you drained the oil? What was the oil like? was it oil? was it milkshake? was it water? Take the simple approach...
  14. Daybreak

    MEP 802A Aux fuel tank option

    Howdy, Proper usage, inspection, and testing a tank so you do not have problems. Condensation water is a problem. A free standing tank has numerous access ports. As having a WATER drain at the bottom for draining off water. The same reason the water/fuel filter has a drain at the bottom for...
  15. Daybreak

    What color is this 806a?

    Howdy, Look all over the generator. You might see a stencil saying CARC and a month/year.
  16. Daybreak

    What color is this 806a?

    Howdy, NOTE, Your genset is probably painted with CARC 383. CARC is not a breathing lungs friend. Proper care is to be taken with sand blasting, removal. Read up on CARC paint. That is why all the rattle cans, and gallons all say 383 CARC substitute.
  17. Daybreak

    MEP 802A Aux fuel tank option

    Howdy, For those which have not had a lot of experience with Diesel. Diesel is a fuel oil. (Off-Road, Home Heating Oil, Un-Taxed Diesel fuel has a RED dye) standard Taxed Diesel is a greenish tinge. Your preferred choice is 100% Diesel. Water sinks to the bottom. Fuel pickups in tanks should...
  18. Daybreak

    Portable distribution block recommendations

    Howdy, Just stop! If you do not understand 3 phase, do not go there. In a large industrial, big machines run on 3 phase. There is other equipment out these which runs on 3 phase. If you do not have any 3 phase pieces of equipment, you do NOT use 3 phase on your generator. power out of the...
  19. Daybreak

    Portable distribution block recommendations

    Howdy, Treat the off grid shop like a normal electric supply. Select a service panel and wire all your plugs and lights like normal. This way, if you ever get a mains power, your good to go. Your generator is operating as the power supply, off grid, but panel is wired properly, you would...
  20. Daybreak

    Need help MEP-803A

    Howdy, Start in this thread. The 2nd post has quick links to lots of stuff. The 3rd post has links to the manuals here.
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