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    Mkt for 2020 Georgia Rally

    As l had posted earlier befor we had a set date for the 2020 Georgia realy,do we have some one to fill Mike's posituon with feeding . Please contact me with an answer so we can get what we would need in a timely manner. Thanks wayne

    2020 Georgia Rally

    can; we start a new post for the 2020 rally, can we start a post for what we want to sell buy or trade. can i have clinto call me to talk about having a mkt present, I pm you my phone #. thanks Wayne

    Garwood Winch Information

    I am in the process of replacing damaged parts in my 20000 lb garwood winch. and I have serched but with no luck am able to find any info on repairs or rebuilds for this winch, the only thing i have came across was in the deuce threads. what i need to do is replace the drum that the cable is...

    Helped a gentleman whose car slid into a ditch

    Ken my Son and l helped pull this vehicle out from a ditch

    ? m816

    Where and what 5 ton tm will I be able to use for reference to work on my m816 as I don't see any thing that is related.

    No brake lights on trailer

    No brake lights on truck & trailer Last night after hooking up my trailer m105 to my m932a2 I have no brake lights, the rest of the lights work,rt turn left turn & running light. how do I test the plug or truck s for the problem so come Thursday i will have brake light . thanks

    shipment brake shoes

    NO LONGER NEEDING THE TRANSPORT of the 3 sets of 5 ton brake shoes pick up from Norwook LA and drought down to the Georgia rally Oct 17-21 or to cow pens SC. when available. a contact with me will be most appreciated so as l can let the supplier know one way or another Thanks.. We will be...

    passenger door

    I have a passenger door that I cannot open from the out side or the inside, is there a trick to this when this happens.

    m35a2 picked up in NY and brought down to SC

    Running truck need transport. any time is a good time ! sooner the better. Thanks

    what have you done with your 5 ton this week

    Foutain inn continued

    Freedom Blast Saturday June 21 Greer SC.

    A day to remember,

    Master cylinder reservoir kit?

    Can I put/use this MCR kit on my 816 wrecker. it is sold for use for m809, m813,m35a2. I don't see why I cant but, just want to ask if any one has used it on any other vehicle then what is posted for.

    Recovery of a 5 ton wrecker M816 & a 2.5 ton M35a2c

    Well today was a good day for me. My good friend Ken Coffee came to my place with his FMTV wrecker to help me recover the two trucks that I purchased earlier this month. The first truck that we recovered was the 5 ton M816 medium wrecker, with its weight being 35,050 lbs.So for safety...

    Vehicle ld # stamped

    Where on the M816 is the vehicle ld # stamped. Thanks

    New Purchase

    Yesterday I purchased my first wrecker, it being a 1970 m816. and then from e bay I purchased the TM 9- 2320-260-10 to learn how to operate the machine.

    Puchased my second M35a2

    Yesterday I purchased my second deuce, this one being a 1972 Kaiser mulit fuel whistler,with a winch.

    How to

    Im looking for and could not find how to operate a 1972 5 ton m 816 military crane, which tm would show me. thanks if this is the correct #

    ? deuce/m37

    Are the drivers side door windows and frame interchangeable.

    Damaged steering knuckle boot replaced on my M932a

    Today I replaced the steering knuckle boot with the zipper with the help of a friend and member on steel soldiers. now neither one of us had done this. I will explain to any one that is interested in reading this on how we went about doing it: for those that may want to do this in the...
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