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  1. Super Warrantman

    Dana 44 problem

    It looks like I won’t be able to drive my good old Army truck to the Military show in Findlay this weekend. I finally took it in the Dave-Dennis Chrysler Dodge Jeep here in Dayton OH to have a professional mechanic look at it to see why it makes a clicking noise in the front end when the truck...
  2. Super Warrantman

    Question on Column Locks on M880 series trucks

    This might seem like a bone-headed question, but I'll ask anyway. Isn't the ignition switch on the column supposed to lock the shift lever and the steering wheel on the M880s Power Wagons when the key is removed from the lock? Unless I missed it, no mention is made of this in the -10 or -20 TM...
  3. Super Warrantman

    Brake Fluid DOT 3 and DOT 5

    Hello. I have a 1977 M882 Dodge and I have what might be considered an obvious question. Long story shortened down considerably, I had my brakes repaired by a local Dodge dealer. I didn't have the equipment and the tools to make a proper job of it if I had attempted to do it myself. The truck...
  4. Super Warrantman

    A Question About Lights

    I happened to notice recently on my M880 that the parking lamps are not on when the headlights are on. There's nothing wrong with them. They flash when I use the turn signals and they seem to be on when I have the light switch puled out to just the parking lamp setting, but I thought that they...
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