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  1. DavidWymore

    PTO powered hydraulic pump for...everything?

    Seems like a “wet kit” might be the handiest thing to have on a deuce. A hydraulic winch seems better than pto, and you can do a dump bed, log splitter, hoist, mini backhoe, plow, etc. with it...thoughts?
  2. DavidWymore

    How to repair wire from lift pump to fuse holder?

    On my ‘70 : Thinking I might pull the stainless sheath back. Cut the wire. Machine the wire out of the threaded steel bulkhead fitting, maybe open up to fit small diameter fuel hose to seal and insulate the wire. Splice new submersion rated wire on with submersion rated heat shrink tubing. Pull...
  3. DavidWymore

    Rear winches - how are they powered/operated?

    I have what I think are two M50 water truck rear PTOs, but doesn't seem like they would work for a winch.
  4. DavidWymore

    Got another deuce! (Dropside!)

    Runs and drives, needs a little TLC. A buddy trailered it home for me. Little bent up from being offroaded. Maybe swap the dropside bed with my nice truck and resell this one, or sell my nice one and fix this one up for me.
  5. DavidWymore

    Hobbs 901DS

    Never paid attention to this rusted out trailer until today.
  6. DavidWymore

    Saving one from scrap-needs adopted

    I’m supposed to be dragging this to my yard but can only store for a while. El Centro, CA
  7. DavidWymore

    Got another deuce! M50 saved from the scrapper.

    Tank got scrapped but I got the truck. The question is what next? Some bonehead cut the batt cables so I’ll fix that and put batts in it. Gotta clean out the tank. Suppose I could slave fuel and batts off the ‘70. But what about the shutoff cover being left off? Dare I try to clean it out and...
  8. DavidWymore

    M35A2 Fuel System Basics Video I intend to do another improved video. Fire away with points to add.
  9. DavidWymore

    Parts truck

    Howdy. I'm an M35 guy. I just heard there's a CCKW locally that's being threatened with the scrap yard. I don't have interest in myself, but wanted to put it out there. It's rough, doesn't have a bed, and may have a Ford engine and stickshift in it...thoughts? Hope to go see it Saturday. Thanks
  10. DavidWymore

    Michelin 12.00-20s from Canada.

    I have 4 of these tires, thinking about getting more. Has anyone dealt with the seller of Canadian military tires? How difficult or expensive is it to get them across? Thanks
  11. DavidWymore

    Help please - knucklehead mixed up all my wheels and lock rings.

    I know I could probably search this up, but if someone has info or tips readily available, it would save me time and be much appreciated. I had my guy at work blast my hodgepodge of extra wheels to prep and paint to mount my 11.00s on, and he apparently wasn't paying attention when I told him to...
  12. DavidWymore

    Deuce ID article missing!

    David Doyle's article on deciphering G-742 truck codes has disappeared. Anyone have a copy saved? Thanks
  13. DavidWymore

    Smooth, quiet running deuce - why?

    Hung out with a deuce buddy today. He has a '90 Toole rebuild with D Turbo that runs really smooth and quiet. Way more so than his '87 D Turbo (needs valves adjusted), my '70 LDT w/ C turbo and fuel turned up, valves adjusted, my '62 LDS w/ big turbo and valves adjusted, or my beater '66...
  14. DavidWymore

    Visiting Bozeman, anyone want to hang out and talk deuces?

    ...or recommendations for stuff to see or do? Thanks!
  15. DavidWymore

    Deuce identification

    Deuce identification 1964 M35 Lansing/White I found another one of my deuce-converted-to-water-trucks at the Motor Transport Museum in Campo, CA. Has a non turbo multi but appears to have originally been a gasser, small dash, no tach. Rear pass engine mount has bolts, not rivets, which I...
  16. DavidWymore

    Deuce drifting
  17. DavidWymore

    Starter Solenoid terminals loose - problem?

    The '70 has always required good hot batts to start, and I have had lots of problems with loose, dirty, or cracked connections melting and burning stuff. In contrast, my '62 has a mechanical (foot) engaged starter and nasty dirty old cables, 24v, and my '66 is 12v with same junk cables, and...
  18. DavidWymore

    Trans build: Input shaft to input bearing cap fit dimensions?

    This week I will be attempting to rebuild a trans for my '70 from some parts transmissions. In reading through TM 9-2520-246-34-1, I cannot find the dimension for the OD of the input shaft where it fits the sealing area of the sleeve or ID of the sealing area of the cap/sleeve that fits over it...
  19. DavidWymore

    Dunin' deuce
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