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  1. Al Harvey

    Chock Block your "chock block"

    Just using this as a reminder to you use chock blocks. You never know when something isn't gonna work. I picked up a parts M1008 a couple weeks ago. Been tearing it apart, but needed to move it out of the way for a bit. Hooked the tow bar up to the back of it and dragged it up to the upper...
  2. Al Harvey

    Wisconsin Engine Manual for M887

    I could not find the TM for the Wisconsin engine in the M887 maintenance bodies (I believe it is TM 5-2805-209-35), but I did find this repair manual. Would this be allowed since it's helpful, but not a TM?
  3. Al Harvey

    M1028 A1 Contact Truck with M887 contact body and Wisconsin Generator

    I'm looking for a couple answers on the generator/welder setup in the back of at M1028A1 Contact Truck, it has the Wisconsin Air Cooled 4 cylinder. Been working on this for a couple of days and have had issues with the generator not cranking. Also my marker and tail lights would work sometimes...
  4. Al Harvey

    Identify this German WWII vehicle

    So I was flipping through on of the photo albums we have for our future museum and came across these pictures again. I've looked at them many times but have not been able to identify what it is. A couple of the guys seem to be from a panzer crew based on their berets. I will try and remember...
  5. Al Harvey

    CUCV Torque Spec Cheat Sheat M1008 M1009 M1010 M1028 M1031

    Here is another Torque sheet I created from the TMs. Once again the page number is on there where I got it from, though some of the page numbers in the TM seem to have typos but I tried to number them by what they should be. I got a bit bored dealing with this case of Shingles so I've been...
  6. Al Harvey

    M35A2 Deuce Torque Spec Cheat Sheet

    Here is a Duece torque cheat sheet I created for myself. Thought I'd share it with anyone interested. It's listed by TM and the specs are in order in which they came out of the TM. I like to follow torque specs on most things but hate having to dig through the TM (even on pdf) to find the...
  7. Al Harvey

    Are parts of the future MV hobby dying?

    What is the future of certain parts of our Military Vehicle hobby? What I'm asking is are there certain types of vehicles that are going to fade away and never been seen again because they are unavailable to us as collectors? Currently our hobby expands across all aspects of Military vehicles...
  8. Al Harvey

    Military Transfer to Civilian, LEO, Other Nations, Scrap

    I'm starting this in the Politics Related to the MV Hobby since there are many opinions on what is appropiate for Military surplus equipment and this directly affects our hobby. Please keep this clean and polite. I've picked up that there are many different view points on what LEO should be...
  9. Al Harvey

    Figured out why tranny was knocking.

    I finally found the actual cause of my transmission noise. When I bought it I wasn't able to use 5th because of an awful knocking sound. Pulled the tranny today and opened it up and found broken tooth on 5th. Then started looking at it more and found another gear missing about 3 teeth. Gotta...
  10. Al Harvey

    Electrolysis with pictures.

    I've searched the site and have seen a few post with different members talking about electrolysis and with links to other sites. Well I've decided to post up my small setup with some pictures and show what it can do. Here is the basic setup using a 5 gallon bucket and rebar for the electrodes...
  11. Al Harvey

    M35A2 transmission Augusta, New Jersey to Clarksville, TN or anywhere somewhat close

    Buying a transmission from a member in New Jersey, Augusta area and wanting to see if anyone in the area heading south towards Tennessee. I can meet in Kentucky or any surrounding area but Jersey is a bit far. Any help would be appreciated.
  12. Al Harvey

    Water in transmission, question about cleaning.

    Pulled the drain plug on the transmission and water then the nasty fluid came out. There is some minor rust on the gears. Everything else seems fine inside it. Does anyone know if it would hurt to fill it with purple power and let it soak for a bit then drain and rinse it out? Trying get all the...
  13. Al Harvey

    What is this on the driver fender of M38A1??

    I came across this on the web and can't figure out what is on the drivers fender. Any ideas??
  14. Al Harvey

    Looking for MV collectors around Clarksville or LBL area.

    Just wanting to see if anyone is around the Clarksville, Dover, or Land between the Lakes area.
  15. Al Harvey

    M38A1 Restoration

    Well first off I've been a member for a short period of time but this is my first posting on here. I usually don't join too many forums but after reading through the vast amounts of information and the support of members, I figured I'd go ahead and jump in. Hoping to be able to go to some of the...
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