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  1. Gunzy

    Looking for M1074 A/C TM

    I am looking for a digital copy/PDF of the M1074/1075 A/C installation TM. TB 9-2320-364-13&P-1 If anyone can help me out without having to sign up, or supply a CC number that would be great. Thanks for any help.
  2. Gunzy

    My HEMTT doing a little light work

    Here is a video on my HEMTT doing some light work. So I submit for your viewing pleasure.
  3. Gunzy

    FMTV center troop seats

    Does anyone have a picture and information regarding the rear center troop seats? I am picking up 2 NOS kits that are listed as "Troop Seats, center" for FMTV. Part # 57K2092 NSN 5240-01-560-4317. I can't seem to find any pictures or info other than the manufacturer and GP pictures of item. Any...
  4. Gunzy


    Finally got my M101A3 set up so I can pull it with My Tremor. Simple work really. Just replaced the light bulbs with 12V ones, put on a flat 4 pin lead and extended the chains. Pulls very well behind a 1/2 ton and I like the surge brakes. Does anyone know how many M101A3s were made? They seem...
  5. Gunzy

    Runflat removal

    I managed to pick up some 16.00s from GP and finally got around to dismounting them. Well, turns out that one was from a MaxPro M1235A1 Dash DMX and they have one piece run flats in them. That was interesting to remove. I see plenty of videos pulling them out of HMMWV tires which looks easy by...
  6. Gunzy

    Need transport from Ogden/SLC ut. to Phoenix Az

    I have a boarding ladder that needs to get to Phoenix. I am in Roy, Ut by Hill AFB but can meet up in SLC if that helps. Anyone making that route in the next 2-3 weeks? Any help is appreciated. Thanks
  7. Gunzy

    HEMTT and MK48 owners/Pictures

    I would like to see how many HEMTT/MK48 owners we have here and get you to post pictures of your rigs. I'll start with a few pictures of my 1987 M985 HEMTT that was reset in 2001 and RSMS'd in 2009 and currently has 6500 miles since reset.
  8. Gunzy

    Who pays this?

    Here is an M1101 that sold on GP in Utah yesterday. $3000 close, that's about $3500 with fees and taxes. I have to ask, "What the heck are people thinking?" I bail on those at $100o which seems a little high for a light weight trailer...
  9. Gunzy

    ABS on after overcharge

    I can't find the old post the describes what part is burnt in the ABS module when an overcharge happens. I am looking at two friends trucks that overcharge at start then drop to normal after a minute. I am looking at repairing the ABS modules but can't find the info I need. For what ever reason...
  10. Gunzy

    HEMTT info, just passing it along.

    Read this. This is why you likely will NOT see the return of HEMTTs to DRMO auctions as Q6 demill (EUC Item) until 2020 at minimum. On 19 June 2015 Oshkosh Defense announced the U.S. Army had awarded the company a five-year requirements contract worth a potential $780 million to Recapitalize...
  11. Gunzy

    OR20TUA wheel o rings

    Does anybody know who makes these. These are the orange arctic o rings for the HEMTT/HET/PLS wheels. All I can find on the internet is a supplier in Abhu Dabi. I know there are a few suppliers here but I would like to know who makes them. Thanks for any help.
  12. Gunzy

    Ohio or Atlanta to Ogden utah

    Is there any one traveling this route? I am looking at a HEMTT cargo cover kit either out of Ohio or Atlanta. Looking for shipping cost if anyone is in a position to help. Doesn't need to be in any specific time frame so I am very flexible there. The kit is 8.5 feet long and approximately 500...
  13. Gunzy

    M985 article on

    I was ask to write a little article about my M985 by so I figured I would give it a shot. I am not a writer by profession so they did edit it a little but I think it turned out well. Here is a link to it for those of you that may be interested...
  14. Gunzy

    M985 indoor obstacle course.

    I was asked to bring a truck down to the Salt Palace in SLC for FearCon 2016 for display by a Zombie survival course. Here is a little video of maneuvering the truck into position for them. Ya, running 34 feet of truck through an already partially setup event is interesting to say the least. I...
  15. Gunzy

    Oh Crap (tire)

    My M985 is having a bad day with the left front rear tire. I do have replacements, but still have to pay the tire guy to change it. Maybe I should invest in a bead breaker.
  16. Gunzy

    Rat Fink M985

    Thought you guys and gals may like this. This was done by a local artist from my M985. This art is one part of a poster for next years "Sounds of Freedom" car show. My M985 is also slated to be used as a stage for the show. Yes, it is meant to be in the style of Ed Roth. Here is the complete...
  17. Gunzy

    HEMTT used for cleanup.

    About a 10 days ago we had some hardcore weather come through northern Utah which included some tornados and did a lot of damages at several locations. I am friends with the owners of a MV custom build company and they contacted me about the use of my M985 for use in the cleanup of many downed...
  18. Gunzy

    Question about wheels

    I am trying to find out if there is a difference between M1075 PLS wheels and M1070 HET wheels. I have 3 wheels I think are PLS but after looking at a HET I am not sure now. I know that both trucks have planetary hubs and CTIS but I need to know for sure if they are the same or not. Thanks for...
  19. Gunzy

    Pulling sleds

    How many of you have gone to the pulls with your trucks? I have pulled with my M923 a couple years ago and got 244ft. This year I took my M985 HEMTT out and got 281ft 2in which I felt pretty good about as many of the competitors were only getting 250-275ft. Here are some videos, lets see yours...
  20. Gunzy

    HEMTT front crankshaft seal fun

    Had the front crankshaft seal decide to leak for me. Was quite the job to change too. The military would first remove the power pack, well not me. With a borrowed puller and a friend with an 800 series wrecker I did it in the truck. I needed the crane just to lift the front of the engine an inch...
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