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  1. reallybigboat

    Need thermostat for Mep 005a

    Well, I ended-up ordering my thermostat for my MEP-005a from Oshkosh Equipment Sales. I also bought the gaskets and a spare thermostat. I've purchased other parts from them in the past, and shipping times and parts are great. I know I pay a slight premium buying from OES, but they stock...
  2. reallybigboat

    After Action Report- Texas Gulf Coast

    After Action Report. North Texas. Dallas/Fort Worth Area. Record cold temperatures and no utility power. My wife and I both kissed our MEP-005a after utility power was finally stable (generator was off during picture). 48.7 running hours on the MEP-005a. Fuel burn rate tracked closely to...
  3. reallybigboat

    Need thermostat for Mep 005a

    Super! Thank you very much for your lightening fast reply. It is most appreciated!
  4. reallybigboat

    What should my fuel consumption be on a mep005 @ full load

    The TM5-6115-465-12 indicates fuel consumption is 1 gallon per hour per 10kW of load. Based upon over 60 running hours of my MEP-005a during this current Texas crisis, I'd say this is darn close. I was loaded anywhere from 10kW to 18kW and my average consumption was 1.4 to 1.8 gallons per hour.
  5. reallybigboat

    Need thermostat for Mep 005a

    Did you ever receive this thermostat from BJ's Off Road? Proper fit? Work well? I need one, also!
  6. reallybigboat

    MEP-005A voltage regulator trouble

    Yes, it would be good to start a new thread. As the owner of (3) MEP-005A’s, I’m very interested in how to fix issues and/or modernize components. Thanks and following.
  7. reallybigboat

    Thanks Fuzzytoaster!

    Totally agree; FuzzyToaster is super to deal with! He goes above and beyond for his customers and has done so for me. I’ve even seen him drop everything to help an unknown, stranded MV owner. If the world had more FuzzyToasters, it would be a better place. I am fortunate he his local to me, but...
  8. reallybigboat

    Houston area 5-ton Wrecker Experience

    I'm in the Dallas area. Feel free to PM me with questions, or I'm happy to provide my cell number if you would rather talk or text. Steve
  9. reallybigboat

    M936 on it's way!! What batteries do I need???

    Welcome to the military wrecker world! You will very much enjoy it. You likely have batteries by now, but if not, the correct batteries are four 6TL's. I get them through O'Reilly's for $202 each and they arrive next day (picture below). As others have mentioned, you won't need four batteries...
  10. reallybigboat

    Any interest in a 1-day get together in DFW?

    No problem at all. Glad to help, if needed, since I’m close to Frisco.
  11. reallybigboat

    Any interest in a 1-day get together in DFW?

    Did you ever get your pallet loaded? I'm close to Frisco. Steve
  12. reallybigboat

    Any interest in a 1-day get together in DFW?

    Count me in. I should have something to bring.
  13. reallybigboat


    What's the best way to post pictures? Inserted into text like this one? (Just a test, please do not reply).
  14. reallybigboat

    Inspection needed in Denton, Texas

    I know I'm way late replying to your request. If I can help in anyway, I live very close to Denton, Texas. 'Glad to help, but my guess is no need now.
  15. reallybigboat

    WTT: 5 ton wrecker M543A2 + M35A2C + M105A2 for something super nice, Dallas, TX area

    Thanks Hanks and Porkys... 1.) I believe nearly 8 years ago when I originally posted the thread I placed the thread in the WTT or 5 ton and up forum, or something like that. 2.) I am not actively selling anything, so no need to post in the for sale area. I was surprised when tubamlb found...
  16. reallybigboat

    WTT: 5 ton wrecker M543A2 + M35A2C + M105A2 for something super nice, Dallas, TX area

    Hi Michael: Yes, I still have the M543A2 wrecker. The M35A2C was sold and I replaced it with a M818w/w. 'Also picked-up an M1008 and M1009 along with multiple MEP-005a's. I'd take $9,500 for the wrecker. I have not driven it in a while and it currently needs new batteries. Fortunately, it...
  17. reallybigboat

    cold CUCV

    I have the exact same problem with my CUCV. Thread from last year is here: I had plenty of heat prior to replacement of the original copper heater core which was leaking. I replaced with an aluminum core, but I don't think...
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