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  1. DaninNM

    looking for an M3 37mm gun - M3 movie use

    I saw one for sale in central Florida few years ago - anyone know where that one is? Need one for a film project. Buying. Complete or incomplete OK.....I have parts. reward paid for info leading to a purchase. fyv-05 tew-69 2-oh-5-syx
  2. DaninNM

    UNKNOWN Motorcycle I.D.? and other questions? (Now ID'd at KLR250)

    VIN is JKAKLMD1 3RA071XXX but its all tan has the provision for the blackout lights rear and front and pouch under headlight in front....? Puzzled = 1. were is the gummint data plate if there is one? 2. did the USMC use the 250 or only the 650 and diesel? 3. what do I have?????? given to...
  3. DaninNM

    N Valley - Albuquerque

    Stop by the restoration fyv-05 tew-69 205-syx for address and info...there most days especially Sat & Sun. Chenowth Fast Attack Vehicles x2 CCKW '43 tipper M18 Hellcat M8 Greyhound M16A1 Half Track M3A1 scout Car WC26 carryall T17E1 staghound Ben Hur M151A1 M416 trailer X3 M37...
  4. DaninNM

    WTB: Combat vehicle Crewman's Helmet and Bose comm liner - need two in good to excellent condition

    Need two or three of these - all large; maybe one medium and rest large!!!! Anyone know of a dealer with quantity discounts for the Bose headsets with mics and the Kevlar 'tan' buckets? I know aobut onsies and twosies EPAY...was hoping to avoid giving them the business becasue they give all...
  5. DaninNM

    WTB three RT524 radios and one R442 radio, MX6707 bases and antenna sections too

    Where can I get three RT524 and one R442 radios for a wounded warrior project? Need to work. Cash and tax deduction available. Where are the vendors? fyv-5 tew-69 205-syx pick up can be arranged and transportation etc.
  6. DaninNM

    CUCV '400' tranny will not shift out of 1st gear - what should I check first?

    I have a CUCV with decent mileage but the transmission will not shift into 2nd or 3rd.....just says in 1st gear. ANYONE HAVE SUCH A PROBLEM? Looking for a fix or suggesitons OR a takeout CUCV transmission. price and location in first email pleasel
  7. DaninNM

    trailer residue needs TRANSPORT Sacramento to NM will pay for a ride!

    Bofors trailer residue needs a ride to NM. Light, maybe 800#. Located near Sacarmento. I can get it loaded and unloaded with forklift on both ends. Rims are off the trailer and no tires...No rush....will pay cash for a ride anywhere in the state. Dan NM area code 269-2056
  8. DaninNM

    WTB: Fuel Pump and Hydrovac - where? Kits?

    Contact Dan in NM 505-26-nyn 20-fyv-syx thanks for looking.
  9. DaninNM

    WTB: drives sider door latch mechanisn and lock, handle, etc.

    Anyone? where if you don't have it???? fyv-0-5 tew-syx-nyn 2-0h-5-6 thanks.
  10. DaninNM

    WTB or WTKnow Where: "ARMS" FOR THE NO. 19 SET MOUNT?

    The "arms" shown are on some else's mount - I need a set of those "ARMS"....I have the metal mount itself for the No 19 set. Anyone - where can I get a set of FOUR?????
  11. DaninNM

    NEED: photos of orignal FONT and NUMERALS in turret of M8 ARMORED CAR

    Having decals made for the turret ring bearing shield - NEED ORIGNAL PHOOS OF THE TYPE FONT AND TICK MARKS AND NUMERALS (plus letters) that are stenciled on there......HELP! photos to thanks....
  12. DaninNM

    WTB: MANUAL for RUSSIAN AT-L artillery tractor

    I know its in Russian! - can read a little so I need one!:wink: ANYONE? Even a scan or a copy would be great - price and location in first post please....
  13. DaninNM

    WTK-WTB M8 or M20 original protectoscope.....want to measure and begin reproduction

    I do not have one - need one for a reproduction run....Anyone have one for sale? Even a damaged on will work for repro measurements.... D fyv-0-5 tew-6-9 2-oh -fyv-6
  14. DaninNM

    WTK? Have four 12-bolt 20" combat rims -24 bolts holding on ring - WHAT DO THEY FIT

    WTK? Have four 12-bolt 20" combat rims -24 bolts holding on ring - WHAT DO THEY FIT ????? anyone
  15. DaninNM

    WANTED (movie rental) GAZ, LADA, TRABANT sedans + miltiary pax vehicles...trucks too

    I can arrange a rental of your vehicle with protection for its integrity and condition......rental rates are nice; guaranteed and contractually locked in. rentals are usually for 2-4 weeks. Lawyer on call to protect your vehicle....we've never had an issue damage to vehicles...always returned...
  16. DaninNM

    NEED DIMENSIONS fothe Russian AT-L artillery tractor

    Anyone? Web search shows only weight at 8,000 kg
  17. DaninNM

    WTB: AT-L Russian artillery tractor-truck

    Call Dan fyv-0-5 tew-69-2-oh-5-syx
  18. DaninNM

    ATL Russian tracked truck for sale ANYWHERE? PRICE?

    Contact Daninnm 269-2056 new mexico
  19. DaninNM

    WTB: Carb to air horn 90 degree HOSE for M8 ARMORED CAR

    this is the one with the 90 degree ben in one to finish the M8 project for the trustee....Anyone.....anywhere In the world is OK - will pay I Euro or PayPal or ??? Know where one is - please call fyv-05 tew-69 20-fyv-6
  20. DaninNM

    KIRTLAND AIR FORCE BASE Open House and Air Show JUNE 4-5, 2016 ALBUQUERQUE, NM

    See web page for details & events Mil Veh show on ramp.
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