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  1. Rjins

    Hmmwv fuel filter

    trying to find a vendor who has the 3 piece fuel filter assembly in stock. Filter, separator and o ring. Not having any luck online. 93 M998
  2. Rjins

    Behr Paint Jobs- Show me your MV's

    Wow, love your shop van, brings back good memories!
  3. Rjins

    M998 spare tire

    Hey guys, I'm new on here and trying to get some help for finding good deals on getting a spare tire and rim for my new M998 toy. i live here in the Dayton, Ohio area and would prefer something within an hour and half from here as the shipping fees that I've found online are almost as much as...
  4. Rjins

    Juan's M998 HMMWV

    Looks Great Juanprado! My story is the same. Someone here in Ohio bids up Hmmwv but the 2 mans were going cheaper! I too took a gamble on several that ended up going for more than $10k, before I too got lucky on this 2 door! I also got lucky and got it for $6700. Mine also was very mechanically...
  5. Rjins

    ACTUAL HMMWV width?

    Like I said before. 85 inches. You have to make sure you like at the tire bulge near the ground. Get a flat bed tow truck or build a wooden over fender ramp. Don't take chance on destroying a tire. Been looking all around, 80% MT/Rs are $200 or more all day long!
  6. Rjins

    ACTUAL HMMWV width?

    Just got mine home. I had AAA tow on a flat bed tow truck. I just measured outside to outside tire, 85 inches with 22 psi in tires. Other comments are correct. Newer u haul car haulers are wider, still not 85 inches. To prevent tire damage you will need to build up wooden drive over on trailer...
  7. Rjins

    Issues with SF-97

    Wow. I thought mine took awhile. You got me beat! I bought my M998 in jun16 auction, got my EUC approved mid Oct16. Just picked up the HMMWV this week! Love it! Now we'll see how long it takes to get my title!
  8. Rjins

    Fiberglass hardtop install

    I Second tcruwithme's suggetion of the naval jelly! Worked great on a trailer I redid. By the way, I love your shop van, was one of my favorite vehicles in the Army and Reserves!
  9. Rjins

    New shop van owner

    Nice. I spent 2 weeks and 1000 miles every summer for 14 years in a shop van in the Reserves. I remember my first summer driving it to camp, when we pulled in to the first rest stop I too had no brakes. Nearly ran over the First Sgts jeep before I could get brakes pumped up enough to stop...
  10. Rjins

    PapaBear's New M151A2

  11. Rjins

    Forum and MV newbie with some pics of my beloved M1070 and M932A2 w/ 10' cargo bed.

    They look great! More pics as you proceed!
  12. Rjins

    My new ride to the top!

    Got it thru Iron/GovPlanet auction.
  13. Rjins

    My new ride to the top!

    My new ride!
  14. Rjins

    Can Hummer H2 wheels be mounted on hmmwv m998?

    Yes, please share that link!
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