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  1. Anvilface

    Possibly retro-verting M923 from ABS to NON-ABS

    I know that this might seem off, and I'll probably get an earful from some. (Getting chewed out is ok, I've been chewed out before). This might be a bit long, so I apologize for that. I just want to give all info and variables in case anyone is inclined to help. The problem: We had a problem...
  2. Anvilface

    Trying to find headsets.

    My department now has an m1236 MRAP made in South Africa. Its got six crew stations (c-12357/vrc) and I'm trying to locate headsets that are compatible, and the necessary bailout cables. Its also got the control station and one loud speaker. They are all wired into the truck. The only thing I...
  3. Anvilface

    Not sure what to do with 2 MEP-003a

    Hey all, I've recently been put in charge of our growing MV fleet with the Sheriff's Office I work for. We currently have 2 M923 5 tons, an RG31 MRAP, and a trailer mounted with 2 MEP-003a generators. The vehicles were just purchased/ acquired this year and things are going well with them...
  4. Anvilface

    RG31 A2 windshield repair

    Hey guys, I've been working on an RG31 A2 (M1236). Running good and looking good, except the seal has failed on the windshield panes. I found a youtube video on how to separate the lexan covering from the first layer of laminate and remove it. He stated that was the common area for those to...
  5. Anvilface

    Electrical gremlins

    I swear, if it isn't one thing, its another. I had an alternator that was only putting out 22.9 volts, tried to adjust the regulator, no joy. Swapped regulators, no joy. Brand new alternator, 28.2 volts...yay! But then.. Drive em around for about an hour today. While headed back to the...
  6. Anvilface

    Rebuilding/ replacing fording stacks

    Hey everybody, I'm still super new here (been lurking for a while) and you all are a wonderful community, I appreciate the wealth of information. I've got a bit of a situation though. I am a Deputy Sheriff in Southeastern NC (I know, I know...we aren't all terrible. lol). And our Sheriff is...
  7. Anvilface

    Removing emergency fuel cutoff

    Hey everybody, I was just looking for a bit of guidance. We've got 2 m923a1 both are in pretty good shape. The only problem I have with one is that the trucking company that owned it prior built some sort of goofy looking "sleeper cab". It looks like the gorillas that built the box pinched and...
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