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  1. HanksDeuce

    HanksDeuce: 8" Lift, Bobbed, External Cage, A/C and more Project!

    Used the Warn 18k winch on my bobbed deuce for some landscaping duty. Pulled a sago palm and a (?) tree out. I used the spare tire from my daily driver as a fulcrum. Apologize for the vertical video from Soldier B.
  2. HanksDeuce

    M35A2 power steering options?

    No rubbing with the Waterloo PS kit on my A2 that runs HEMTT wheels and 16R20 XZL tires. Tons of information can be found at the website in my signature or my build thread listed.
  3. HanksDeuce

    Hemitt Adaptor Plates

    I bought modified hemtt wheels for my bobbed deuce from
  4. HanksDeuce

    Favorite noise your deuce makes

    The train horn? The Cummins 12 valve?
  5. HanksDeuce

    Anybody have any aftermarket M35A* LED headlights they particularly like?

    I have (2) sets of Truck-Lite LED headlights on my bobbed M35A2. To make sure I don't blind oncoming traffic, I parked behind a metal building one night and aligned them against the wall to favor slightly to the right. No one hits me with the high beams. Plenty of light.
  6. HanksDeuce

    Locker in the rear axle only

    I'm not really much help being a bobber, but I do run an Ouverson rear locker. No issues. :)
  7. HanksDeuce

    Battery Tender Setup for a Deuce

    I have a quad Battery Tender setup on the wall of my shop. (2) are for my bobbed deuce, (1) for the backup generator, and (1) for my lawn mower. The (2) for the bobbed deuce feed from the wall, under the chassis, over the passenger side step, and behind the closed battery box door. I do use...
  8. HanksDeuce

    M35A2 Horn upgrades

    Another vote for K5LA. Here's my install: Here's a video from inside the cab:
  9. HanksDeuce

    Good hitch for pulling non-military trailers.

    I didn't want this to happen to my deuce: This receiver hitch from Justin Wehring was used for inspiration: Final product from Black Rock Fab: After final paint:
  10. HanksDeuce

    Deuce with Cummins 6BT Info thread

    I don't think so. Here's another one without an intercooler (from page 1 of this thread). Air filter feeds front of turbo (not the firewall side). Of course the turbo in the picture below sits up much higher than the Eastern Surplus listed engine. I have no clue if there was a contract with...
  11. HanksDeuce

    Deuce with Cummins 6BT Info thread

    The intake piping looks funny on that truck. My truck has the turbo compressor inlet closer to the radiator, and the exhaust dumps into the downpipe near the firewall. It looks like this truck has the compressor inlet piping on the firewall side, but how is the downpipe routed near the...
  12. HanksDeuce

    Allison 545 into M35A2 mounting question

    No major issues. Two minor ones. (1000 miles after Cummins swap) (3400 miles after Cummins swap)
  13. HanksDeuce

    Allison 545 into M35A2 mounting question

    Here are a few shots of the donor 5.9 Cummins and AT545 and how they went into my M35A2 bobber. Tons more pics and information can be found on either of the links below (i.e. my build thread or personal deuce website).
  14. HanksDeuce

    Runaway Multifuel cutoff?

    See my build thread and/or build site listed below. I have had zero problems on my 12v swap in my bobbed deuce. I also have installed a blast gate on the intake to protect from a runaway. Let me know if you have any questions.
  15. HanksDeuce

    2 close calls within 1 mile today (video)

    Drove my bobbed deuce for the first time in a few months today. First, I ate lunch with my wife and a friend. Then I drove to my mom's house for a 40 mile cruise to clear out the cobwebs. 2 Close calls within a mile on the same road: #1 SUV tried to back up while I approached him in the...
  16. HanksDeuce

    High-Low shifter boot
  17. HanksDeuce

    suspension lift for m35 2 1/2

    See the link below for my build thread. Black Rock Fab made the lift kit. I'm not sure if he does those anymore, but feel free to reach out to Kyle and see.
  18. HanksDeuce

    HanksDeuce: 8" Lift, Bobbed, External Cage, A/C and more Project!

    Thanks for the kind words. Tell Kyle at Black Rock that I said hi. Make sure to post pics as you build your rig!
  19. HanksDeuce

    HanksDeuce: 8" Lift, Bobbed, External Cage, A/C and more Project!

    It's been a while since I posted, but I'm still around and check the forum often. I drive my deuce as much as I can when the Louisiana weather cooperates. No issues to speak of. Here's a video of my bobbed deuce in the 2018 Veterans Day Parade in Gonzales, LA on 11/11/18. I found the...
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