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  1. Radiogeek99

    FMTV Door Key?

    Has anyone found out the key blank to use for the FMTV? I was going to take the locks out to try to have a key made. Do you think they are a common key like the CUCV? Thanks, John
  2. Radiogeek99

    Identification needed with items found in M1084

    Found a couple of items behind the seat that I am not sure what they are. The one appears to be a gun cover and the other a brass catching bag? They have no tags on them. The truck has a gun ring so I guess these ideas are possible. Thoughts?
  3. Radiogeek99

    TM's for M1083A1 Needed

    Does anyone have copies or access to the TMs for the M1083A1? I found the TMs for the M1083, but there are alot of differences. Thanks, John
  4. Radiogeek99

    Looking for transportation Tx to IL

    Looking to buy a m1009 and m1101 trailer in Texas and having it shipped to Illinois. Anyone that can help?
  5. Radiogeek99

    Front axle seal retainer

    Please ignore this post.
  6. Radiogeek99

    Looking for Preview / Inspection in Portsmouth VA

    Anyone that does previews in Portsmouth Va please PM me. Thanks, John
  7. Radiogeek99

    Looking for Medium Maintenance Tent TM

    Just picked one of these up, it has a few broken parts and I am looking for the TM to find the part numbers. I've searched and have found threads of people talking about them, but no one has uploaded the TM that I could find. Thanks.
  8. Radiogeek99

    M880 series parts.

    I have a sudden interest in the M880 series of trucks. The one I am looking at may need a fender and a door. What is the corresponding civilian truck model number?
  9. Radiogeek99

    Neede help moving a Deuce in IL

    I need a suggestion or recommendation for a trucker that would move a duece about 90 miles in northern IL. It would have to be moved on a trailer due to badly checked tires, a hole in one of the air tanks, and an unknown maintenance history. It does run and drive so it does not need to be...
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