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  1. Plasa

    Where can I find warning light kit plug?

    Hi there! Anyone knows where can I find the plug with or without cable for the warning light kit? I want to use the the socket back on the cab on top to power a LED bar in front. But I need the round 4 pin plug. Anyone knows a part number or where can I get it? Thank you! Christian
  2. Plasa

    Strange starter behavour

    Hello forum. I have a quite strange behavour that I don't know if its serious or not. It happen very randomly (in 2 years 5 times), so I don't think it's critical. Batteries are full... Happen that when I press the start button (of course the mains switch is on) the starter crank, but only for...
  3. Plasa

    Removing stucked brake drum

    Hi forum. I think I'm too stupid for this type of work, but I'm not able to remove both brake drums on my M10278. I use air from the emergency gladhand to release park brake wheels are of course removed, little rust between rim and drum, but nothing special drum is completely firm, no movement...
  4. Plasa

    M1078 abroad

    Hi forum. Someone asked me to publish some more information about our truck and modifications we made, I decide to start a new topic with some pictures / stories.... Now 3 years ago we bought the M1078 from a german company that mounted the living box too. The inside of the living box is made...
  5. Plasa

    rim bolts, any civilian part number?

    Hello all! Does anyone have a civilian part number of the 18 rim bolts? I need to change the tires and want to have some spare bolts if one or more are rusted, unusable... Thanks! Christian
  6. Plasa

    M1078 - radiator - electric fan conversion

    Hi guys (and hopefully also some ladies) Did someone though to convert the clutch fan for the radiator to a electric driven fan? I hate the moment when at 2300 rpm the clutch engage the fan and seems that everything is blown up! There should be enough space to put a electric fan right behind the...
  7. Plasa

    Drive shaft balancing, opinion

    Hello all. I own a M1078 A0 from 1997, with the "D" sign on the VIN plate. The truck have now 15.000 miles on (7.000 by me) and have not really feelable vibrations, except somtimes the unbalanced tires. I have default gears, no high speed gears, but the detroit locker in back axle. All screws...
  8. Plasa

    M1078 with 225hp and high speed gears: pro's and con's

    Hello! I am thinking about putting on a M1078 with the 3116 engine and 225hp the high speed gears and 3.07 ratio. But I am not sure about the loss of the 20% torque, if it's noticeable and have on steep / sandy terrain a negative impact on handling/performance. Does anyone have experience in...
  9. Plasa

    Howto check compressor gear nut

    Hello forum. What is the best way to check the compressor gear nut? It's a common issue and I wonder if it's usefull to check it once per year. But do I need to remove the hole compressor to check the nut, or it's enough the remove the front housing cover? Thanks a lot and best regards from...
  10. Plasa

    Check your starter screws

    Hello all. Today I was sniffing around under the truck for some mantainance and notice that of 4 screws that hold the starter and attach it to the flybar, 1 was lost and another one was on the way of loosing... So next time when you are under your truck throw an eye on it... Christian
  11. Plasa

    M1078: Transmission Oil level with cold / no running engine

    Hello all. Does anyone know the right transmission oil level with cold oil and stopped engine on a M078? I change from normal oil to ATF and now I have the problem that the level is not clear enough for reading with running engine. Right now it's about 1 inch below min. with stopped engine...
  12. Plasa

    CTIS wheel valve do not close (solved)

    If you are changing the tire and the CTIS wheel walve will not close after pressure check or inflating, check the banjo screw if there is some dirt. Happen to me yesterday. If the pressure don't fall under 20 psi between wheel valve and banjo screw the membrane do not close... Christian
  13. Plasa

    front and rear brake pressure gauge shows diffrent pressures

    Hello all! I have a strange problem with the air brake pressure gauges. Pressure is about 120psi on all 3 tanks, CTIS is working well, but the 2 pressure gauges shows front brake 90 psi, and rear brake 120 psi. Does anyone had a same situation? The 2 pressure transducer are near the left front...
  14. Plasa

    Self recovery winch: loosing oil through "overpressure" valve

    Self recovery winch: loosing oil through relief valve Hello all. I have a strange problem with my M1078 self recovering winch. On top of the winch drum (behnid the hydraulic motor) there is a small spring loaded valve. I loose all the time oil from this valve, without operating the winch at...
  15. Plasa

    CTIS hwy blinks again after 30 seconds

    Hello forum. I know that there are a lot of CTIS threads, but I didn't found any usefull info, probably because I am blind... Sorry about it :shrugs: I have a M1078 with CTIS partially working. I will try to explain what happen: - Air tank is full at 120psi - CTIS starting to work (hwy...
  16. Plasa

    transmission oil cooler hose: torque for the jam nut on 90 degree fitting

    transmission oil cooler hose: torque for the jam nut on 90 degree fitting: SOLVED Hello forum. One of my jam nut on the 90 degree fitting got loose and I lost some oil between transmission chase and 90 degree fitting. The steps to change the trans oil cooling pipes are in TM 9-2320-365-20-3 on...
  17. Plasa

    CTIS and Arduino

    Hello forum. I am thinking of creating a Arduino hack for the CTIS controller for M1078, first and maybe second generation. I gave a very fast look at the system and seems not really complicated. Does anyone have some information or a workflow diagram, some sensor value or something else that...
  18. Plasa

    M1078 A0 change inner door handle

    Hello forum. I remade the inner door part and now the inner door handle won't fit because they are too short. On a previous post someone wrote that Volvo door handle will fit. Does someone change the inner door handles and know some type that will fit? Thanks a lot and regards from Italy...
  19. Plasa

    Cab latch does not lock

    Hello forum. Finally I got my M1078 from the dealer and starting the RV conversion. But for first I have a problem with the cab latch. The hydraulic latch is working well (tried it with cab fully raised, it engages and locks the hook), but when I lower the cab the pin would not go in and block...
  20. Plasa

    Howto get some info for a M1078

    Hello forum. Is there any way to know a little bit of the story of a M1078? I know only the SN: AT6409BCJF, it's a M1078, maybe from North/South Carolina, but I don't know it exactly... Maybe someone know where can I get some info in whith company was used etc... Thanks and regards from...
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