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  1. dispatcher1011

    XM211 Questions

    Hello, Found an XM211. The body is an absolute train wreck, due to rust. The chassis and engine/trans look acceptable. The rear axles need help, as they have been drained of fluid and an axle shaft was pulled. Are body parts easy to find for these things? Is the XM211 any more desirable? Just...
  2. dispatcher1011

    M35A2 Parker Fuel Pump Install

    Hello All, What’s the trick to getting the Parker 1C20-10 fuel pump to fit in the original mount? Either it’s too fat with the old rubber gasket and metal half moon pieces, or it’s too loose using just the new rubber gasket. The original bail just doesn’t seem to be happy. Anyone done this that...
  3. dispatcher1011

    Fuel Filter Housing Reassembly Assistance

    M35A2, 1972, White LDT465. I took apart my fuel filter housings to completely clean them inside and out. I bagged and tagged the parts. (Washers, springs, cotter) I cleaned the **** out of all three housings. (Two on the motor, one on the framerail) I do not remember the sequence for...
  4. dispatcher1011

    Generator ID - MEP-18A?

    Need help ID'ing this generator. Is this a MEP-18A generator? Not much left, so this is pretty much all I have to go by. And some gauges.
  5. dispatcher1011

    M35A2 Battery Box, Complete

    Looking for a battery box for an M35A2. Will need two frame mounts, cover, and battery holder / container. Please include any shipping to PA. Thanks!
  6. dispatcher1011

    M530C Fire Truck Cooling System / Radiator

    Hello, Anyone have some pics of the radiator setup on a 70's M530C fire truck? I'm told the radiator has additional features due to the fire truck functionality. (Engine / Pump cooling, etc.) I am aware of the louvers for winterization; just most interested in anything making the radiator or...
  7. dispatcher1011

    M100 M 100 Rear Panel 1952 Trailer Reproduction

    All, I have been looking for a rear panel for a 1952 M 100. I am told that MB Juan has a reproduction; is this correct in any way, shape, or form? I attempted to look to OMIX ADA for a panel. I cannot seem to find this panel on their site; just the whole tub. That's about 950 US from what I...
  8. dispatcher1011

    M37 Fan Blade

    How many fan blades should be on the fan of my '54 M37? Presently, it has a 6 blade fan, which does not interfere with the shroud at all. Am I getting a significant amount of drag from the extra blades I suspect I have? Who knows when or why it got swapped out; what is correct? And is there...
  9. dispatcher1011

    M37 Emergency Brake Drum

    Most importantly.. What size is the large center (or gland) castle nut that connects the e-brake drum to the transfer case? My socket set gets spotty at about 1"+....... Any tips on removal of the e-brake drum and band? On inspection of mine, I found it cracked and missing a piece, and the band...
  10. dispatcher1011

    M37 Front Axle / Spindle Nut

    What size is the front axle nut on a 1954 M37? I am now fully aware that it is an 8 point nut... for which none of my local HD truck shops have a socket for. It measures 2 1/2" across, from 'flat-to-flat', but is this the correct way to measure it? I see that VPW has them listed in their catalog...
  11. dispatcher1011

    M37 Brake Issue

    On my 1954 M37, I seem to have a problem with my left front brake. I stripped all 4 drums off, and replaced all 4 wheel cylinders. Upon closer inspection of the left front, it appeared that the wheel cylinder was 'bent out' from the way it sealed against the backer plate. (it seems like they...
  12. dispatcher1011

    M37 Rear Axle

    Anything I should do while I'm in here? Swapping out the wheel cylinder and rear brake line.. Seemed to be a little oil 'splash' in the drum, but overall, not too bad for a '54, in my opinion. Brake lining was in great shape, spring was great, all hardware moved freely, wheel cylinder was in...
  13. dispatcher1011

    M37 Fuel Pump

    Hello all, I was just wondering if anyone has had specific experience with M37 fuel pumps... I'm in the market for one since my truck doesn't seem to get any fuel to the carb. Simplest question first- how much fuel has to be in the tank for it to 'pick up' the fuel? I had pulled the tank...
  14. dispatcher1011

    Stock M37 Battery Cable Questions

    In a stock configuration on an M37, is the positive lead supposed to be the shorter lead or the longer lead? Also, what kind of cable ends were originally affixed to the end of the battery leads? My current setup is so, um...... 'custom', shall we say? that I am having a difficult time figuring...
  15. dispatcher1011

    M37 Throttle Linkage/Carb

    Ayone have a pic of the throttle linkage on a 1954 M37? I seem to be missing a few parts; intact is the linkage from behind the motor, but I'm missing the parts from that to the carb. Thanks!
  16. dispatcher1011

    Event: Tidioute, PA

    I know, I know... this is from another site, but I have to promote my home area. Short notice- but it sounds pretty cool nevertheless. Being like 8 miles from my house, I would have expected more in the news. Nevertheless, enjoy!! This all new type of WW II Reenactment will take place on the...
  17. dispatcher1011

    M37 Frame Horns/ Front Frame

    Can someone post me a pic of the front frame horns of an M37?? I need to figure out what they *used* to look like. I would prefer a non winch, bumperless picture.. I guess even a closeup of a stripped frame would work. The FD who had my truck decided it would be a good idea to 'add on' to my...
  18. dispatcher1011

    M880 gas tank question

    Does a fuel tank in a 1977 M880 have a drain provision? Or must the tank be dropped to remove 15 gallons of rancid fuel? :-x BTW- it's a plastic tank... don't know if they all are... :?:
  19. dispatcher1011

    Spark Plug Dillema

    I've been searching and researching spark plugs for my 54 M37, with the stock 230. Autolite 2244 thru 2247 don't seem to be an option, since I can't seem to get them anywhere. Champion plugs are available, but I don't know what heat range to run?? What do you guys use? A Champion 573 is...
  20. dispatcher1011

    FREE CUCV parts

    Located in NW PA. CUCV pickup troop seats. Completeness unknown. If you don't see it in the pics, it's not included. If no one wants these, I will scrap them. I'd rather someone who has a use for them, well.. use them. I have no use for them. Feel free to PM me.
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