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  1. FMJ

    4L80E rebuild for my 1028A3

    Ok, So I picked up a 4L80E from Ft. Riley a couple years back and am now rebuilding it to go in my truck. Here are some pic's of the teardown.
  2. FMJ

    1028A3 after lift and tires

    So I got my A3 lifted and new tires installed. 4 Inch front 3.5 back, then 255 85R16 BFG KM2's I absolutely love the way this truck looks now!!!! Thanks to Kenny for the info on the tires, apparently BFG does not make these anymore, so I'm ordering another set of 6, walmart has them for 226.00...
  3. FMJ

    1031 to shelter carrier dually conversion

    I am considering converting my 1031 from a contact maint. truck to a dually shelter carrier. I have been trying to find a dually wheel kit with the front axle adapters and steel wheels to make it into a 1028 dually, but have not had much luck on the internet. If anyone has a source for the...
  4. FMJ

    255 85 R16 tires for dually A3

    Best price I've been able to find is $225-$240 per tire, anyone had any better luck?
  5. FMJ

    Glow Plug Failure

    Ok, here's the story. I just got my 1028A3 running about a month or so ago. I rebuilt a 6.5 and dropped it in with new wellman GP's. I have not driven the truck other than to just do a quick test drive, maybe 5-6 miles tops, I have however started it in the yard a number of times. Fast...
  6. FMJ

    Las Vegas to Las Cruces

    Just trying to get an idea how much it would cost to get a XM1098 moved? most likely on a flat bed? Thanks.
  7. FMJ

    Carmine Red

    Is this the color of the CUCV interior? I did a search for "carmine red" and came up with 3 threads. . .
  8. FMJ

    Turn Signal

    Ok, Got my 1028A3 going after 5 long years. Problem, when I turn on the headlights, both of the turn signal indicator lights on the dash light brightly, like they would if you were using the flashers or turn signals. ALL lights function normally. . . . turns, fourways etc.... Is this a...
  9. FMJ

    1028A3 Wheel/Tire options

    So after 5 years I have finally got my A3 running. I plan on a 3-4 inch lift and am wondering about tire/wheel options. It currently has the 285 16 tires on 16x6 inch wheels. I would like to go to 33" tires if possible, but the current wheels are to narrow, has anyone out there done a swap...
  10. FMJ

    1028A2/A3 Dual tanks

    How many of you A2/A3 owners have dual saddle tanks? I have an A3 Ex-airforce truck with dual tanks and factory looking transfer switch in the cab.
  11. FMJ

    6.5 in my 1028A3

    Note to self, ensure rear main seal is installed prior to engine installation. . . aua On the bright side, she sure sounds good!!!!! :p
  12. FMJ

    PU-821/T, PU-822A/T power plant recovery/op test

    Help Me, I can't stop playing with it. . . . . I picked up the unit yesterday, 1100 miles round trip, 20 hours Las Cruces to Ft Carson. Got it off the trailer this afternoon, checked fluids, good batts, turned the key, magic!!!!!!! Can have a conversation next to it. . . . . Can rest my...
  13. FMJ

    Delete thread?

    Am I missing something regarding deleting threads? who is allowed to delete?
  14. FMJ

    TM for PU-821/T, PU-822A/T power plant

    PU-821/T, PU-822A/T power plant SCORE!!!! Does anyone know the tm number for this?
  15. FMJ

    Chattering glow plug relay

    Ok, so I've been having an intermittent glow plug relay chattering problem. My 86 1009 would start normally, glow plug system functioning normally when cold, however, after the engine is warm with a brief shutdown/restart, the glow plug relay either would not function or would chatter for 30-60...
  16. FMJ

    Little rubber insert on throttle/ip cable end

    Does anyone have a source for the rubber/steel piece that goes in the throttle linkage that connects to the IP?
  17. FMJ

    1028 Dually conversion

    I know the kits are all but extinct, but does anyone have the install instructions that came with the kits that the military used to convert the trucks to duals? Oh, and if someone has a kit just laying around. . . . :drool:
  18. FMJ

    Injector return lines

    Just a heads up guys, I ordered the Dorman 904-101 kit to replace the lines on my Blazer and this is what came in the box. I'm not going to bother putting them on. . .
  19. FMJ

    6.5 Engine block oil cooler fittings

    Guys, I have a problem, I am wondering how guys that put 6.5's in their 6.2 powered CUCV's dealt with this problem, oil cooler fittings on the block, the brass ones are the standard 6.2 fittings, and the silver ones are the fittings that came off the 6.5 that was installed in a 97 1 ton 2wd...
  20. FMJ

    M50A2 vin data plate picture needed

    I need a good picture of the vin data plate for a M50A2 water tanker to have one made up. I don't want to try to deal with the MV data plates guy after all the horror stories I've heard. Thanks, Ed
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