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  1. 4XDesign

    SC 1990 M925A2 Sleeper cab tractor

    The truck started life as a M925A2 1990 BMY 8.3 Cummins with an Allison trans winch truck. I moved the axles back 28” added a flat top sleeper from a KW as well as the 110 gallon tanks. The truck has the fuel bumped up, also it’s retimed to 13 degrees, 4k gov springs. The after cooler was...
  2. 4XDesign

    Scammers trolling our site.

    I wasn't sure where to post this but, I've had two different scams coming from having Ads posted in the wanted section. One guy actually got my number called me and talked to me about the parts he had for sale. He said his father passed away and he had a surplus of the parts I was looking...
  3. 4XDesign

    Picking up at Bragg can deliver to Denton Rally

    I posted recently in the transportation needs but I won one more lot and it's big so I'm going to Bragg. If anyone has a pickup there I can grab it and get it to The Denton Rally. Just let me know. Jonathan 803-237-2570
  4. 4XDesign

    Fort Bragg to Denton MV rally

    I won couple of lots at Fort Bragg today. I am hoping to get someone to pick up the lots and bring them to the Denton rally. I am willing to pay for time and fuel. One lot is a 400,000 btu heater small tow behind version and 4 395's on a pallet. If you or someone you know is interested and...
  5. 4XDesign

    M939 bed from Elgin AFB area to columbia sc

    The bed would have a cab in it. I bought a truck from Ryanaubra he was bringing a bed to Alabama where truck was located. His lift would not crank so he was unable to bring the bed. I'd be willing to pay for the shipping. Call if you'd like Thanks 803-237-2570
  6. 4XDesign

    Transmission shop recommendations in Charlotte NC

    I'm hoping to help a friend out by finding a good transmission shop for him. He has a m1009. Thanks in advance for the help
  7. 4XDesign

    Durham NC to Columbia SC small load

    I bought a excavator thumb from united rentals. I can't seem to make time to run up to grab it. It's one pallet 500-800 lbs. If anyone is making a trip by that way please let me know. Jonathan 803-237-2570
  8. 4XDesign

    Axle shafts too tight in housing.

    I have been working on rebuilding a front axle on one of my trucks. The truck has needed more work than any other truck I've ever owned... I replaced the bearings, the spindle bushings, as well as the inner seal retainers with seals already installed. When bolting the spindles back on to the...
  9. 4XDesign

    Towing 2 M35's behind a 915

    I'd like to flat tow two M35's behind my civilian version of a 915. The truck is a clone she is 430 horse Cummins. I'm thinking of adding a weight over the fifth wheel. I think I know the answer but, can the air over hydraulic brakes work in reverse? Long and short is if I supply air to the...
  10. 4XDesign

    Maximum over drive Chevy Tug

    I hope this is an acceptable location to post the Tug. It was listed for sale and would not go away so I picked it up. It started as a stock tug here are some pictures. I am going to take it to the Georgia rally. Any one that knows me knows I can't leave well enough alone... .
  11. 4XDesign

    M129a2c from Eglin AFB FL to GA rally Union point

    I purchased a van trailer today. I am planning on going to pick it up myself but, I figured I would throw it out there to see if someone is coming to the Georgia rally from Florida and has the capability to pull the trailer. I am willing to pay someone to transport the trailer. Let me know...
  12. 4XDesign

    Tires from Texas to South Carolina

    I am need to move 8 to 16, 395/85 R20's on wheels from ft Hooks to Columbia Sc? Not sure if any one has a trip planned but please contact me if interested I have lots of parts and or cash for the help. Thanks
  13. 4XDesign

    M925A2 to M932LA2 Conversion

    Hey guys. I am moving the axles on my 925 to match a 931. I will also be adding a sleeper, air ride seats, round tanks, pyro, turning it up and governor springs. I found all the dimensions from a 931 data plate, but the rear drive shaft flange looks too close to the hitch cross member. I'm...
  14. 4XDesign

    Everyone needs a military truck corner!

    1970 bobbed lifted power steering deuce, 86 923a1 converted to a dump, and 90 925a2 future project!
  15. 4XDesign

    Dump conversion M923 one thing left

    I have been working on converting my 923 to a dump. I almost have everything completed, with one thing to figure out. The PTO I am using has a oil line that needs pressure from transmission to lube it. Can anyone with a PTO and the Allison tell me where a pressure port on the transmission is...
  16. 4XDesign

    24VDC power steering m35a2

    Has anyone considered using a 24 V DC electric motor to run a power steering pump? I found I few pumps 1hp with rpm ranges from 1500-3000. I know there are other options but this would allow you to mount it where ever you need it. Auto makers are doing it on smaller cars. It would also give...
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