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  1. spankybear

    I think my air compressor is cycling to much.

    When I drive down the road I hear the air dyer purging all of the time. About every 2 mins or so. I am in no way an expert on air systems on these trucks but let me tell you what I think I know. The air governor unloads the compressor when it get to the set pressure. That is PCHISS I hear from...
  2. spankybear

    Crazy Thought? M1079 box on a M1082 trailer?

    Could it be done?
  3. spankybear

    testing the A2
  4. spankybear

    CTIS right angle fitting

    Does anybody have a lead on the CTIS angle fitting that replaces the kneeling valve? I have the part number and the DANA web site under "where to buy" has oreilly's listed. I called 2 Oreilly's and they have no clue. One did say they see it on the computer but didn't know how to order. The...
  5. spankybear

    Cool side of the charge air cooler pipes. Why is there not any insinuation on them?

    Looking thought some of the pictures of that auction site I see some of the trucks have insulation on the pipes. I also see there is a call out in the parts manual. Was there some type of revision to remove the insulation? Would it harm anything to warp the pipes with some exhaust pipe insulation?
  6. spankybear

    Charge air hoses... Anyone have a lead?

    Well changing my belts have turned into quite the lesson on what not to do. In my lessons I damaged the charge air hose on the cool side. I was wondering where I can get a replacement. The parts manual shows only a OEM part number an in my attempt to cross the number has ran into a dead end...
  7. spankybear

    Cab squeaking is going to drive me insane...

    Anybody else have this issue? I have been trying to find what is making all the noise without luck. Sounds like it coming form the back. Anyone have any tips?
  8. spankybear

    Have you installed 3.07 gears in your truck? Kindly step in I have something to ask

    Do you think its worth the 5 grand to install the gears? I am trying to decide if I want to spend the money... What are the pros and cons. Would you spend the money again?
  9. spankybear

    Picture thread for FMTV fire trucks...

    On a road trip and I spotted this gem here. I think it was a M1088 but I am not 100% sure. Check out the paint/wrap !
  10. spankybear

    My tip for spare relays

    There are 4 different relays used in the A0 PDP. You have a 4 and 5 pin and 12 or 24 volt coils. I decided to keep it simple and use the 5 pin relays. The 5 pin will work as a 4 pin with no issue. All you need is a 12 volt and 24 volt coil relay. You only need 2 to keep as spares. I chose...
  11. spankybear

    Have you checked your bellhousing for oil?

    After my issues with the leaky front transmission and watching the video below... makes me wonder if there are more leaks out there? Have you taken your bell housing drain plug out and checked for oil?
  12. spankybear

    Is there a place to download a transmission manual... I think its called the unit repair?

    One for like rebuilding the trans. I have looked in the TMs and I am not finding what I am looking for.
  13. spankybear

    Transmission seal leak

    I have oil leaking our of the bell housing drain plug. It's oil from the trans I believe. How screwed am I to fix this one? Thought? Sympathy? Should I just junk the truck? There is no way I am equipped to drop a transmission.
  14. spankybear

    Grab handles ocer inside of door

    There is a grab handle on the A1 trucks. I would like to add something like this to my truck. Is there any leads and if not can someone please post a better picture of the handles below. Also I have A1 sun visors. I believe there is an access hole above where the visor mounts to the cab to...
  15. spankybear

    U-Joint bolts...

    Well I need some new U-joint bolts... and I am having a heck of a time finding them. Now the military uses a break away type and I have only found some on the e auction place and the seller wants like 14 bucks each.... I aint doing that. I am looking for the Spicer 5-73-109 that is used with...
  16. spankybear

    Can some measure the cut out of the passenger side kick panel

    I upgraded the boarding handles on my truck. So now I need to cut a natch for them on my kick panel. Can someone measure top down the opening. I don't want to hack mine up too much. Thanks
  17. spankybear

    WOOHOO got my truck plated!

    With all of the horror stories I have been reading about registration... Only about 10 mins and away I go... Next is insurance... If you are in the Snohomish county area of Washington I recommend Barbbs in the city of Snohomish. It was Painless...
  18. spankybear

    More CTIS questions...

    I am wondering if there is anybody with a setup/software to connect to the main unit (box) here in Washington. I would like to try and see if there is a way to "reset" the 5 solid light issue. I have an idea that a fault code is set in memory and stopping the unit for working. I am also...
  19. spankybear

    Looking for an air tank shield

    Any leads on item 29?
  20. spankybear

    Need help troubleshooting an issue with my WTECII

    So I got the truck up and running after worked through a starting issue. I can select Drive, Revere , and the truck will move. I can select first (1) when the truck is sitting you can feel the trans shift from 2 to 1. I can also select mode. The problem is when I start out and speeding up to...
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