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  1. Finlandia

    Detroit Diesel 6V-71

    Detroit 6V-71, 238hp / 2100rpm version. How much torque this engine have? If you have good tecnical information links about DD engines, let me know. DD's are rare in Finland.
  2. Finlandia

    Detroit Diesel 8.2 and Allison AT 545

    Does anybody know more about this DD:s 4 cycle V8 engine, and Allison transmission? This is quite rare combination in Finland. Engine and transmission is from 1990 Ontario Orion 2 Bus. Detroit -I have heard about head gasket problems, are they common? -Where I can buy new head gasket, and...
  3. Finlandia

    Two finnish guys build Uaz 469, great pictures! :wink: Uaz is not ready jet, but soon...
  4. Finlandia

    Russian (and european) Vehicles on Finnish Army

    Russian (and european) Vehicles in Finnish Army Here is few pictures of finnish army trucks. Allmost all ussr vehicles are sold away by now. I take there pictures on army sales. Ps. Sorry about my baaad english. :wink:
  5. Finlandia

    Testing testing

    Hei, i can do this... :lol:
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