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  1. Eliteweapons

    I have no idea why...

    The black plate specials are always great.
  2. Eliteweapons

    What did you do to your deuce this week?

    How are those lights working for you? I am going to put a set on my truck and am trying to find a good set that will also fit in the bucket. I got a few, but they didn't fit.
  3. Eliteweapons

    No Power to any lights.

    I am concerned about the GROUND arcing to a support piece. As already stated check all the ground connections and wiring in the bucket but also ANY work performed by the previous owner. A new to you truck may have some issues caused by previous work. I am not trying to bash the previous owner...
  4. Eliteweapons

    Allison 545 into M35A2 mounting question

    Keep in mind that the top speed is going to be reduced. Just in case you haven't thought about that.
  5. Eliteweapons

    Allison AT1545 failures

    Could an admin add this to the parts sticky??
  6. Eliteweapons

    Clinto civvy flasher modification ( video)

    My truck was converted to a civy flasher by the previous owner and it finally failed due to corrosion. I used a Grote P/N 44010 solid state flasher for a replacement and it works great as well as being prepared to switch to LED in the future. My picture is too big and won't post.
  7. Eliteweapons

    Soft steel brake lines for a Deuce

    Is stainless approved brake lines by DOT for trucks? I convert all my vehicles to stainless so if I had that issue I would go stainless if it is allowed.
  8. Eliteweapons

    tail and marker lights

    If you need milspec wire I bought some that were bargain precuts from Allied wire and cable.
  9. Eliteweapons

    Aftermarket gauges

    I think someone was making blank gauge panels. You may want to see if you can find one of them and maybe change the layout to make the new ones all fit.
  10. Eliteweapons

    M35A3 Transmission type?

    Toby, Do you have the part numbers so I can add them to my list of parts, and maybe someone can add them to the sticky for the trans as well. Thanks
  11. Eliteweapons

    Wheel adapters beveled on wrong side

    I may be missing something here but my plates go on the inside of the rim and not the outside. Those look like different rims than mine as well if you look at the bolt count.
  12. Eliteweapons

    Turn signal problem

    When my flasher failed I replaced it with the one below. It is also rated for led's. Dunno why it added the picture sideways thou.
  13. Eliteweapons

    Trailer Wiring for Deuce

    There are companies out there that make conversion boxes now but they are expensive.
  14. Eliteweapons

    Axle Boots measurements

  15. Eliteweapons

    Bobbed,Crew Cabbed,Brownie Box project

    You are just a tease now aren't ya?
  16. Eliteweapons

    suspension lift for m35 2 1/2

    Search for Hank's Deuce in google. His is a bobber but may give you some ideas to start with and some places to look for parts.
  17. Eliteweapons

    Balancing Tires

    I had a problem with balance on the Michelin 365/80 XL Bias ply around 42 mph would get really squirrely and hop sometimes, but then I swapped them to the 395/85 XZL radials. That problem went away and the ride is much better too. Anyone ever use the centramatic tire ring balancers?
  18. Eliteweapons

    CTIS system for an A3

    You would need to swap the axles out to A3 axles for the air connections or get the custom bearings, spindles, hubs and drill the axle tubes and knuckles for the air connections. You would also need to get the A3 rims, wheel weights and valve assemblies. Not worth it at all in my opinion. Max...
  19. Eliteweapons

    M35a2 ARB Air Locker Questions

    I don't know if you got this part sorted out yet, but the 74416 is for use with super singles. Nice work.
  20. Eliteweapons

    preventable rear suspension failure

    Rusty, I called them about those yesterday after reading your post. It is their sister company that sells them under pressure relief vents. I am going to need to pull my caps to drill and tap them too. Thanks
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