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  1. Overdrive

    M1102 Shop Trailer Build - Overland Project (as I go)

    Here we go again! Found this little guy in Georgia and had a wacky idea to build a big brother version of my HSTRU camping trailer... Looked really beat up but the basics are there including a from the factory spare tire carrier under the bed. I have already done quite a bit of work on it over...
  2. Overdrive

    MEP-903 Generator In S-805 Electronic Repair Shelter - Road To Startup

    Just brought home an S-805 shelter with ALL the MEP-903 generator components in tact. I wanted to use this post to document the checkout and startup (attempt) of the generator since there is very little info/discussion on the MEP-903 generators. Generator Setup in The Shelter: Generator...
  3. Overdrive

    S-788 Shelter and 1102 Gen Trailer Project and 1600 Mile First Run

    Returned from Overland Expo 2018 on a 3200 mile (round trip) cross country run with my S-788/1102 project with a build time of 2 months... Never doing that again! Expo was a bit dissapointing this year. Lots more people and seems like its turning into a social event... Like a trendy thing (if...
  4. Overdrive

    S-280 Shelter Built ( actually AN/GRM-86X ) with M720 Dolly as a Travel Trailer

    Here we go! I am calling my HSTRU build complete so moving on to the next project. I am putting the M1102 & S250 shelter build on hold (kid likes it for a playhouse) while I move to my newly acquired AN/GRM-86X Electrical Equipment Maintenance Shelter and M720 Dolly set. Basically it has the...
  5. Overdrive

    M720 Dolly Set (Mobilizer) Weight Specs Clarification - From the TM

    I have seen various specs on the M720 Mobilizer scattered in different posts here on SS. Reading through the TM 9-2330-285-14, what I have read and what is in the book are different on what weight the dolly will carry. Here is the info strait out of the TM, Change 1, paragraph 1-9: Weight...
  6. Overdrive

    LMTV / FMTV AC Air Conditioner A0 Fabricated Pulley (prototype)

    I know we have a MILLION AC threads going on in here and I was going to post this in my AC Compressor Brackets Install thread but that one is pretty cluttered now too so I decided to post a separate item. Going to try and keep this thread specific to LMTV compressor drive and tensioner pulleys...
  7. Overdrive

    LMTV Gunners Platform Install Start

    LMTV Gunners Platform Install FINISHED I have been busy reconfiguring my workshop for the winter to try and fit the new M1082 trailer and M720 Dolly Set inside so I can work on all the military fun things when the weather gets bad so I haven't posted lately. Still messy but everything fits...
  8. Overdrive

    M1082 Just Recovered... Not sure what to do with it but it's home

    Well, I didn't see a whole lot of uses for the LMTV M1082 trailers but I couldn't pass up the auction prices out of Ft. Hood the last few weeks. So... here she is. It is a trailer so I guess I will do some trailering with it ;) Oh and I got the M720 Dolly set home finally as well... WAYYYY...
  9. Overdrive

    LMTV - CB Install Complete and Tuned

    Finished installing my CB setup and tuned with SWR meter. Control box installed under the driver seat. Fabricated a plate to cover the original military antenna hole mount. CB: Cobra WXST with Firestik 2' antenna and Firestik fire ring 18' cable. For some reason it feels like the LMTV is...
  10. Overdrive

    LMTV - Brake lights stopped working (Troubleshooing) Follow-Along

    OK, I have been piddling around with not fixing my brake lights that stopped working when I picked up an M1082 from Ft. Leonard Wood for a friend. So, I am determined to troubleshoot and fix the problem and will keep updating this thread with the adventure... 1. Issue - brake lights were...
  11. Overdrive

    LMTV Air Conditioner AC Main Unit Gen1 and Gen2 Details

    Starting a new thread to have this info easily available. I will be updating this post with pictures and other information scattered throughout this forum. Some info and pics were gathered from others who are on the quest for a cooler cab. As I add pictures I will probably group these details in...
  12. Overdrive

    LMTV - Let's add Lights and Power to The Troop Driver's Warning Switch

    I am working on 5 things at once as usual but this little mod has been rattling around in my head for a few months now. I have a lot more important stuff I should be working on the LMTV but I thought I would take a brief pause and make this little thing... I removed the original switch and...
  13. Overdrive

    LMTV / FMTV AC Air Conditioner Compressor Mounting Brackets Install Write Up

    I posted some of this in the AC thread but thought it would be helpful to have its own write-up for the AC Compressor brackets installation. This is a write up using the two key upper and lower brackets used to install an air conditioning compressor on an LMTV. I did this installation on my 1997...
  14. Overdrive

    LMTV - Sound Proofing & Insulation Mods (Post Your Proofing)

    For this thread I thought instead of a how to I would just post up a couple of pics of my adventure adding sound proofing to the inside of the LMTV cab and ask others to show the same. I have seen several other folks post pics of their sound proofing but I didn't see a specific thread for the...
  15. Overdrive

    LMTV - What's Behind Door Number 2? - Pic & Diagram Behind Heater

    This is just an FYI post to show what it looks like behind the heater and what the major stuff is behind there. I took this in the middle of my Gen2 AC install so there are huge holes that I had to drill in the cab floor that won't be there on a stock truck. Just in case you were wondering...
  16. Overdrive

    LMTV Radiator Drain Petcock Replacement?

    LMTV Radiator Drain Petcock Replacement - DONE I messed up my radiator drain petcock. Original one was seized so mangled it to drain radiator. Anyone have a source for a replacement? Seems hard to find one with the 90 degree drain port so I just used a generic petcock I picked up at O'Rilies...
  17. Overdrive

    Question - assistance converting air park/emergency valves to single unit

    Converting Park/Trailer Manifold Valves to Single Haldex Unit UPDATE: Mission Complete. Successful Park/Trailer manifold valve replacement. All the follow-on posts are mostly me and others trying to figure everything out. I have summarized the switch over in this first post so you don't have to...
  18. Overdrive

    LMTV Trivia - Tailgate Hold Open/Down Wires... Who Knew?

    I was admiring my LMTV today and I noticed a couple of times previously, these little loop wires inside the holes under the tailgate on both sides of the truck. I hope I wasn't the only one who didn't know what they are for. I just realized what they are... They are used to latch onto one...
  19. Overdrive

    LMTV M1078 Adding Two Fuel or Water Can Mounts Mod - Behind Rear Wheels

    Quick little write up... Had a couple lockable fuel can holders collecting dust so I found a spot behind the rear wheels and fender to mount them securely. Seemed like a good sturdy spot on top of those big steel brackets. Also tied them in at the top with some thick L brackets under the bed...
  20. Overdrive

    LMTV M1078A0 - Thermostat What Temp? PN 1193075

    OK, here is a dilemma... Figure since I am going to drain the coolant to install a block heater shortly I should go ahead and swap out the thermostat and check over the hoses. Looked up the thermostat part number in m1078_TM 9-2320-365-24P, page 119, figure 43-1, item number 14. It shows the...
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