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    Anyone regret adding or removing muffler after a turbo?

    For those that have added a turbo and left it straight piped do you have any regrets about the noise level or is it not too bad? For those that have added a turbo and left a muffler on it do you think it's too quiet? I'm mainly concerned about 809 trucks with the stack beside the windshield...
  2. US6x4

    Has anyone ever put Russian army truck tires on a 5 ton?

    Now before you get a McCarthyist twitch in your eye lids at the thought of communist parts on US machines I'm just talking about inanimate rings of rubber and besides, some Finnish howitzers look to wear the same tires. Russia has some knarly terrain and these seem to work well for them. One...
  3. US6x4

    Which Schwitzer 4LHR would best match the NHC-250?

    I want to add a pulse manifold and Schwitzer 4LHR to my stock engined M813 and I can't seem to find any technical info on the various 4LHR models such as 4LHR-733, -743, -773, etc. For you turbo guys out there which one would have the best wheel sizes to accentuate a 290-325 HP level without...
  4. US6x4

    Would you attempt to flee wildfires in your 5 ton?

    I've been trying to game this out in my mind since this year's fire season began and I'm not sure if I would. Historically wild fires have come to within 1/2 mile from my house. Since my wife and I can only drive 2 rigs total, I was going over which vehicles to pack up and take, which vehicles...
  5. US6x4

    Speedo correction for larger tires?

    I haven't read of anyone doing this yet, but has anyone changed speedo cable gears to compensate for larger diameter tires? I did this on my highboy and the math is just a simple cross multiply & divide. For example a 11.00-20 going to 16.00-20: #original teeth/42" = #new teeth/53" So if...
  6. US6x4

    New pyrometer & boost gauge pod install

    In preparation for a turbo install I added a pyrometer and a manifold pressure gauge to my truck in a gauge pod I designed to fit center dash between the defroster outlets. I wanted my gauges to be within easy viewing and I also wanted the add-on to look pretty stock. Below are the step by...
  7. US6x4

    M929 zippo lighter

    Stumbled across this today just in case anyone is into zippos & dump trucks ;)
  8. US6x4

    Need help with my exhaust cross heads!

    I'm trying to swap in my Jacobs exhaust cross heads but they interfere with the rocker box no matter which way I twist them. Should I force them on with a hammer or do the rocker boxes have to come off? I don't have rocker box gaskets. @WillWagner
  9. US6x4

    3 Jake heads under a stock M809 hood!!!

    Today I had my first trial fit with a front jake head installed under a stock hood and it was a success! Woohoo! ...Okay, i had to trim the middle hood support channel, but other than that no cutting, spacing, clearancing, denting or hood scoop done to the hood. I've been poking away on my...
  10. US6x4

    Are these XLs 14.00-20 or 16.00-20?

    I wish they still made these Michelin XLs because I like their military only style. Sure, NDTs are mainly a military only tire but for larger tires the XZLs look like an oversized civilian mud tire that you see on cranes, large fire trucks, airport snowplows, etc. Don't get me wrong, I like...
  11. US6x4

    What size socket to bar NHC-250 over?

    I can't fit a caliper in there to measure the nut on my M813 but I need to get a socket before all stores close down. Do you M809-ers bar the engine over at the crank or at the accessory drive?
  12. US6x4

    I think the Air Force wins the biggest truck award...

    I thought the Army and Marines had big trucks like the M125 or M911 but it looks like the air force puts them all to shame with their '79 Terex MX 8x8...
  13. US6x4

    Why don't we see any N-14 repowers?

    Isn't the N-14 the last iteration of the 855 engine? It seems like if that's true, a swap should be kinda straight forward right? Are they way more spendy than a Big Cam?
  14. US6x4

    What product works for 383 green on exhaust pipe?

    I've read that CARC is not supposed to be applied to parts that get hot so what did the military do and what can I do to paint my exhaust stack with a green that will last? Is there a high heat product that works and matches well enough?
  15. US6x4

    Is there a trick to installing turnlock receptacles?

    Awhile back I tried reinstalling an original that fell out and I inserted one side then tried to pinch it to get the other side inserted and the clip snapped in two. Maybe the original was brittle but maybe I was doing it wrong. Are there any tips or tricks or proper procedure for installing...
  16. US6x4

    Will disconnecting the 12V cable mess things up?

    I've got (2) 8D batteries wired together for 24V and I'm wondering if disconnecting only the 12V terminal will hurt anything or will it cause some sort of uneven draw? I'm, uh, asking for a friend... The +24V terminal is turning blue (corroding) on the exposed wires where the sheath has pulled...
  17. US6x4

    A source for NOS H-161 VIC-1 headsets

    I was searching for awhile before I ran across these several months ago; not the easiest to find. I bought 5 of them and they sent (3) H-161 E/U and (2) H-161 F/U so they do have a mix of them. Mine were 1990 mg. date so the foam was starting to melt, but they are new in the wrapper : )...
  18. US6x4

    The Soldier B HubHelper for 2.5 ton trucks

    For those that don't hang out in or visit the 5-ton section, there is now a 2.5 ton version of the HubHelper available for Deuce owners! Please check out the listing in the classifieds section here for more details...
  19. US6x4

    Leaky M809 manual fuel shutoff valve

    My fuel shutoff valve has 2 leaks currently since doing the dual fuel mod and loosening up the valve. The big leak around the threads I think I'll thicken up with teflon tape if those are pipe threads and if they're straight then maybe a new o-ring is in order. The leak at the shaft has me a...
  20. US6x4

    Good looking 5 ton in Avengers: End Game

    This is a scene that's supposed to be New Jersey 1972. The truck looks really good and doesn't smoke, but it does have 53" XZLs and LED headlights which stand out. To me It looks like this is an M818 with a short cargo bed on it like the 100dollarman used to build. Does anyone here recognize it?
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