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  1. Swamp_Fox

    New member - I'm in it for the long haul - My BAe 2009 - M1093A1

    Great looking truck. It is newer than a lot of them out there now.
  2. Swamp_Fox

    Changing the front cab mounts on the 1078A1

    Do you mind sharing the measurements? If not, would you make some up and sell them? What did you make them from? What do you think of making them from urethane or polyurethane?
  3. Swamp_Fox

    LMTV/FMTV winch hydraulic schematic/drawing

    What page number(s) are you looking at in which TM?
  4. Swamp_Fox

    Interesting trans jack design for FMTVs

    Thanks for sharing.
  5. Swamp_Fox

    Will These Wheels Work On My LMTV?

    Good looking truck.
  6. Swamp_Fox

    M1083 (6x6) A0 - Pneumatic P&ID / Schematic

    A lot of work went into this. Thank you!
  7. Swamp_Fox

    Maryland - M1078 Title and Tags

    Did it take for February until now to get the paperwork and truck?
  8. Swamp_Fox

    Tire Changing Fun?

    Yes, This is what I am needing. I tried a valve stem off a car and it was too small.
  9. Swamp_Fox

    Tire Changing Fun?

    What is the size/description of a tire valve (and valve cap) that would screw into the valve stem so it could hold air if not connected to the CTIS?
  10. Swamp_Fox

    seven for sale in one lot in Sierra Vista AZ

    Great find.
  11. Swamp_Fox

    M1088 camper conversion

    I like your set-up. What was the thinking (or math) to go with two air intakes and filters? The attached picture of another set-up I think only shows one lower coming out the right side.
  12. Swamp_Fox

    M-1095 5 ton Cargo Trailer Questions

    I would be interested (2 plus years later:)
  13. Swamp_Fox

    Removing Cab

    Any idea how much the cab weight is?
  14. Swamp_Fox

    Arkansas group

    Add me too.
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