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    M51 Clutch adjustment

    May not relate exactly to a medium/heavy duty setup but those same symptoms happened to my '75 Ford F-250 when 1 of the 3 fingers on the pressure plate that the throw out bearing engages broke off.
  2. US6x4

    Brakes not releasing

    I've heard of this happening when the system wasn't able to release pressure via the vent line that exhausts through the front rh side glad hand. The issue i heard of had the hard vent line pinched somewhere near the wheel well. That's something to check on...
  3. US6x4

    What have you done to your 5 ton this week?

    I actually drove mine for the first time in 4+ months! Checked the fluids and tires, the engine fired off in about 4 twists, and then cruised down to the truck stop for diesel. Almost scared some bicycles off the road when exercising the jakes. The truck got some stares, some salutes, some...
  4. US6x4

    Anyone regret adding or removing muffler after a turbo?

    For now I only drive my truck for fun and maybe put on 200 miles in a year. I wear H-161 headsets while I'm driving so that would seal out a lot of noise.
  5. US6x4

    Odd tire failure

    My 11.00-20 NDT gave out in the same area because the flap was rotted and cracked which let the tube below get pinched into the crack and torn. Would leak 25 psi/hr so I got a new tube & new flap and that became my spare.
  6. US6x4

    Anyone regret adding or removing muffler after a turbo?

    Here in Washington state unmuffled jake brakes are no bueno but the big rigs don't pay much attention to those kinda rules so that wouldn't be a deal breaker on going straight pipe for me either.
  7. US6x4

    Anyone regret adding or removing muffler after a turbo?

    For those that have added a turbo and left it straight piped do you have any regrets about the noise level or is it not too bad? For those that have added a turbo and left a muffler on it do you think it's too quiet? I'm mainly concerned about 809 trucks with the stack beside the windshield...
  8. US6x4

    Custom digital Info-tainment console for M39/M35 trucks

    I like it! A backup camera and a forward looking trip camera would be cool. How would it communicate with analog sensors on the engine or would it need different sensors to function?
  9. US6x4

    Has anyone ever put Russian army truck tires on a 5 ton?

    Now before you get a McCarthyist twitch in your eye lids at the thought of communist parts on US machines I'm just talking about inanimate rings of rubber and besides, some Finnish howitzers look to wear the same tires. Russia has some knarly terrain and these seem to work well for them. One...
  10. US6x4

    (PNW) Help! M51A2 Needs new engine. What and Where?

    What about the Mack engine from the A1?
  11. US6x4

    VIC-3 whistling noise with Engine rpm

    That would help a lot since, after looking back, my 1780 has rubber spacers between it and its panel...
  12. US6x4

    VIC-3 whistling noise with Engine rpm

    When you say "main control box" are you talking about the truck's PCB or the AM-1780?
  13. US6x4

    Led light's installed for now

    What is that little grille above the passenger head light? Heater inlet?
  14. US6x4

    VIC-3 whistling noise with Engine rpm

    Does anyone know of a good heavy duty filter that would eliminate that noise?
  15. US6x4

    Bluetooth Cellphone to VIC-3 Adapter Is Here!

    So for now the only option for VIC-1 is to be hard wired with your legacy box? Is there a way to connect blue tooth with a VIC-1 like a different circuit board and if so are there plans to pursue one?
  16. US6x4

    5 ton light bar examples
  17. US6x4

    LED bulb sizes?

    I used M38(A1?) taillight covers and dual element bulbs on my intercom console in the back of the cab that gives me 2 levels of brightness to shine red light onto the dash & floor.
  18. US6x4

    Jake brake 25A vs. 25B & their use with a pulse manifold

    Further info on the Auto-Lash part numbers for anyone pursueing them: Jacobs Auto-Lash P/N 013369 superceded to 022576 which crosses over to Cummins P/N 3871407 for a 6-piece kit.
  19. US6x4

    3 Jake heads under a stock M809 hood!!!

    The Canadian M809s had a "hood scoop" to clear their jake heads which is probably similar to the little box you're talking about:
  20. US6x4

    Engine failure, rebuild, with turbo, jakes.

    This is true but we have a solution to that problem now:
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