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  1. ckouba

    Heater Core Replacement - Any Helpful Hints?

    I had vaporized anti-freeze fog coming from my heater last trip around the block. I haven't started ripping it apart yet but wanted to see if there were any tricks to it. Anyone done this recently and had any tidbits to pass along? This is also based on the assumption that it is the heater...
  2. ckouba

    2000 M1088A1 w/3126 no start

    I am about to start tearing through the troubleshooting routines but if anyone has any quick check recommendations, here's the situation: I went to work on it this afternoon and it started fine. Ran it about 8 min, just to move it slightly and air up. Raised the cab. Finished working on what...
  3. ckouba

    M1088 camper conversion

    Hi all. To start with, thank you for the existence of this forum. I haven't been around here too long or spent much time in the other subforums but there seems to be a very high signal to noise ratio within the FMTV community, and a number of very knowledgeable people willing to share and...
  4. ckouba

    DIY camper box construction- what sizes/wall thickness steel or alu have you used?

    Hi all, I posted this on ExPo forum as well. I am pondering options for building an expedition camper build and am curious to hear from any home builders who have used steel to build their habitation box. What sizes and thicknesses did you use? Chassis will be an M1088. Would be interested...
  5. ckouba

    Air intake replacement

    Question for those who have gone the camper conversion route with your LMTV and removed the stock induction: what filtration set up did you use? Looking for effective solutions, or conversely, any "don't do this way" direction. Thanks in advance, Chris
  6. ckouba

    Need to Replace Wheel Studs

    Let's just say that you didn't catch that your left side wheels studs were all left hand threads before you already trashed one or two. Where would you get a replacement? Perhaps for lug nuts too. I've been scouring the tech manuals but clearly not looking in the correct place and my Google-fu...
  7. ckouba

    Hello from Oregon

    Lurked here briefly intending to do a bit more research before committing but stumbled onto a local M1088A1 with a new set of tires and the gear swap done. The wife was already on board and after a test drive (it was even registered!) we took it home for less than a high-mileage 1-ton pickup...
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