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  1. Fatalid

    What would you charge for a steering gear and spring pack replacement?

    Ok, long story short - Last night I was involved in a front-end collision. Everybody is fine, no injuries. It was the other guy's fault, so I will be working with their insurance to get everything fixed up. The impact was directly to my driver's front wheel. The only thing I can see for sure is...
  2. Fatalid

    Any interest in a monthly/quarterly meet-up, Mesa AZ?

    I know there is an annual MV show, Just looking to see if there would be an interest in a less-formal meet-up every now and then? Like a Saturday morning every couple of months? Chime in... Maybe we can make something happen :)
  3. Fatalid

    M109A3 Recovery - Las Vegas to Phoenix

    So last week i was searching through craigslist, looking at all deuce-related items (dangerous, I know...), and stumbled across a guy selling his m109A3 in Las Vegas. He had it listed for a pretty low price already, but he was in Vegas... thats a 5.5 hour drive from where I live, in a modern...
  4. Fatalid

    MRAP wheels -ctis OK?

    I have the opportunity to buy some MRAP wheels for my tire upgrade super cheap… But they have the CTIS modules on them. I tried digging around in the search for other people and what they’ve done with their wheels… But for some reason couldn’t find a definitive answer on if these wheels will...
  5. Fatalid

    New Deuce Owner in Mesa, AZ

    Hi Everybody! I wanted to finally introduce myself, since I've been browsing this forum for MONTHS!!! I just pulled the trigger on a purchase of a 1982 m35a2, and I wanted to say THANK YOU for all the information I've found on this site! Without all of the TM's and discussions around...
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