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    Tatra Specifications

    As far as I know, there are just a lot of Chinese imitation spare parts, many of which are no longer available from the original manufacturer. Possibly they also (re)build old trucks, I think the T148 is still widely used there, but I doubt they make 815's.
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    Tatra Specifications

    No videos but I have seen it used, and it's in the manual (the front winch thing). The manual states that you do NOT use the winch to the front unless really required, because the cable routing is not completely straight and thus will wear out the cable. Another fun point: since the winch is...
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    Tatra Specifications

    I dont know about winch "numbers", but I know the figures listed are for the first layer, thats correct. The selectable rear drive / engage front drive is not commonly known because its not true ;) at least the 813's are permanent AWD, maybe with the exception of some of the crazier...
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