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  1. Wire Fox

    Fuel Tank Sock / Strainer Part Comparison

    I was getting ready to overhaul the fuel tank with a fresh cleaning and a new sender, seal, access hatch, and fuel screen. While looking up the fuel screens, I was stunned to see the prices that are out there ($35-75 each). I started with P/N R12338556, but found that it was superseded by P/N...
  2. Wire Fox

    Indiana to Baltimore in a HMMWV

    Alright folks, I'm planning out the first major trip for my HMMWV and I thought I'd talk about it some here, also wanting to get some advice. To start, here's the basic trip plan. I've got a week-long event in late-July, early-August that I'm attending with multiple friends. My HMMWV has been...
  3. Wire Fox

    H-1 Ground Support Heater, NSN 4520-01-056-4269

    I just brought home an older ground support heater, NSN 4520-01-056-4269, manufactured by Davey Compressor Company of Cincinnati, Ohio. It's definitely a bit rough around the edges, but it looks like all of the essential equipment is there and in-tact. The hour meter reads out about 1400...
  4. Wire Fox

    Trailer Towing Question: USAF H-1 Heater Trailer

    Hey all, I was looking at a buying a ground support heater from a relatively local seller for what seems like a fair price ($200 with some spare parts, including a spare Yanmar diesel). It's a very small trailer, 734 lbs, clearly intended to be able to be pulled by small utility vehicles...
  5. Wire Fox

    4L80E vs TH400 Mounting Fixture Differences

    I'm wanting to do things right with my transmission and have an easy platform with which to rebuild it with minimal swearing involved. The official mounting fixture for use is the J-8763-B, which should be able to handle the TH350, TH400, 700R4, the 4L60E, and some others; however, I can see...
  6. Wire Fox

    M998 Height (with Cargo Cover)?

    I'm about to disembark on a little camping trip in a few hours, but I know the route has a few lower bridges...does anybody know the height of a cargo HMMWV? The TM seems to only give the height of the the main crew area, but not of the canopy itself. The most helpful thing is it does list the...
  7. Wire Fox

    PRC-138 Intercom Interfacing

    So I'm finally coming around to my vehicle-radio setup. I have my PRC-138 as my only functional military radio and do want to set it up to function in my HMMWV. As it is, I have the power delivery functional... The PRC-138 is outfitted with a WKW-7 DC power adapter (powers up via +24V and has...
  8. Wire Fox

    Adding Seatbelts to Cargo Area - Help Wanted for Planning!

    I'm still not running, but I do want to add seatbelts to the rear as an important safety upgrade for when I am. I plan to make continued use of the fold-down troop seats whenever practical. I'm reading plenty of information showing that side-facing seats will never have the same level of...
  9. Wire Fox

    HMMWV Rollover Crash, Indiana

    I was just browsing the news today and came across this: This was a privately-owned HMMWV, with two couples out doing night riding. They seem to have driven too close to the river embankment and...
  10. Wire Fox

    HMMWV Boarding Ladder Options?

    I had seen an image posted up here a few months back of a fellow that had setup a boarding ladder to more conveniently climb into the bed of his HMMWV. I tried doing a search, but just couldn't find it. I happen to now need to do the same thing. As it turns out, my fiancé really loves...
  11. Wire Fox

    Injection Pump Rebuild Question

    Hey all, I was working on tearing down a spare injection pump I bought to rebuild (or at least, reseal) in order to make the replacement at-HMMWV go as quickly as possible. I've gone well along using the 6.5 Engine TM; however, I've finally gotten stuck at removing the head assembly from the...
  12. Wire Fox

    Premium Membership Question

    So I was mulling over one of these, but had a few questions... Regarding the PM storage increase, just what is the new storage size for premium members? I'm getting real tired of deleting PMs, especially when their size is incredibly insignificant in the grand scheme of things. Next, I know...
  13. Wire Fox

    AM General Suing Activation

    Just came across this... The makers of Call of Duty, Activision, is being sued by our benevolent overlord for non-licensed usage of their trademarks and design. Think AM General stands a chance? I'm betting they...
  14. Wire Fox

    US Radio Interoperability Exercise November 4-6

    I just heard about this interoperability exercise coming up soon. The intent is to put into practice some communication drills that would take place were we to lose conventional communication, so the DoD will be tying in MARS and other amateur radio groups into this exercise. More details...
  15. Wire Fox

    No-Start Condition

    I'm getting close to stumped here... my engine was a strong runner a couple months ago. I hadn't run it for a while as I was working on getting my 4L80E ready for use. Forward to a few days ago, it won't start. My glow plugs cycle for 8 seconds (S3) and warmth can be felt on the block at the...
  16. Wire Fox

    Military Radio - Computer Interface

    I'm trying to figure out a good way to pass along audio from a computer to a military radio, and vice-versa. I've bought this General Dynamics USB Audio Adapter that I'm going to try out...
  17. Wire Fox

    Rule Inquiry: Insurance

    This is just a question out of curiosity...why is the "no insurance topics" rule in place? Is it because it was just a question that was asked way too often and nobody read the stickies about who commonly insures, or was there a greater reason behind it? I could see it lumping into title...
  18. Wire Fox

    Adding/Changing CTCSS in Military Radios

    I realize this is a very optimistic request, but with the practical benefit it might serve me in the future, it seemed worth asking... I haven't divulged too much into the design of a CTCSS circuit, but I'm curious as to what it takes to actually add CTCSS into a radio...or in the case of...
  19. Wire Fox

    Tray Ration Heating System

    If you're unfamiliar and need a primer, check out the manufacturer's page...they have an absolutely excellent write-up: I saw this the other day and was really intrigued by it. I like the idea of being able to run...
  20. Wire Fox

    2-Point Seat Belts...front/rear same?

    I'm a big safety guy, so I thought this might be the best compromise I can come up with that's affordable. I plan to primarily use my HMMWV in 2-door configuration and have the appropriate 3-point seatbelts installed up front; however, on rarer occassion, I would like to remove the troop seats...
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