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    M939 series diffs

    To leave the M920 diff thread alone. Has anyone swapped out the R&P on the 5 ton axles to a more OTR ratio? I would think ring & pinions for Mack trucks could be swapped into the rockwell housings. Are my assumptions wrong?
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    M936A2 Drag winch clutch

    I know the A2 doesnt have an oem, free spool for the rear drag winch. Has anyone adapted some kind of clutch or freewheel unit? I know some of ya’ll use an electric winch or maybe a smaller hyd winch to help pull the main line out. That is not what i want to do. Id like to either divorce the...
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    Low/no oil pressure

    Months ago, i noticed my oil psi was getting low according to the gauge. After months of not running, Yesterday, i started it up and noticed the psi at 0, but would start climbing, the more throttle i gave it. Today, after finishing up the new muffler delete instal, i fired it up and the oil...
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    FMTV tire/wheels

    Picked up my 395/85 tire/wheel assy yesterday. I ended up with 1 new, 1 80% tread and 5 90+% tread with titan rims that are countersunk on both sides for the lug nuts. Im wanting to remove the CTIS filling line, and what looks to be a 1 way valve, and instal a normal valve stem. I found them for...
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    Hauling services

    Im located between waco, tx and temple, tx. as of now, i have a 1 ton dually, 20' 12k (9k useful load) bp and a 30+5 24k (17k useful load) gn trailer and will my 936a2 up hopefully soon, but NO tow bar. i wouldn't charge anything, but donations ;) are welcome, depending the distance it needs to...
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    Tx Registration

    if this is not the correct location, please let me know where to post my question. for those whom have registered fmv in texas, especially 5 tons, what type of registration did you do with and did you have to get a DOT inspection before registering it? there are 3 choices, fmv, which is cheap...
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    M936A2 aftercooler removal

    has it been successfully accomplished of permanently removing the aftercooler without installing an intercooler? Or would installing an intercooler be best? reading in the -10 TM, it says the aftercooler cools the air prior to entering the intake. Is coolant temp of 200+F cooler than the forced...
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    M936A2 hyd gpm

    I lost my manuals on my computer yesterday. Im wanting to replace the screw down outriggers, for hyd cylinders with QDs. Im thinking of tying on the crane/rear winch hyd system but dont have a way to find out gpm and psi. Im assuming 3000psi, and gpm may not matter, except for speed of ext/ret...
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    Coolant component builds

    so, after pulling the coolant system apart and started cleaning. i noticed the cross over tube #4 and the thermostat housing outlet neck #22 were heavily corroded and at the rolled flared ends, are corroded through and the weld sesm is starting to separate at the rolled end. #25 was also heavily...
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    M936A2 crane winch motor

    iv got a leak on my winch motor, out of something that does turn. not sure what it is (has a male sqr drive head on it), but i have tried to adjust it, counting half revs from 1 direction, back to where it was, then the other direction. but its still leaks and is worse (as it should be intros...
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    M936A2 boom extension

    has anyone attempted to add a jib to their wrecker boom? i need about 25 ft of stick with a lift rating of 2000 lbs, i was thinking, if i add a 10' jib, single part my cable and wind new, longer cable, i could get the length needed. thought?
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    M936A2 front axle boot

    i noticed the other day that my left front axle boot looks to be torn at the top and is damp, but not leaking. i DID look in the TM and could not find where it talks about replacing the boot. can someone help me find, if its there, the task (tm and page #) for replacing the boot. i did see the...
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    tire removal and air leak on M939 A2 series

    2 fold query. first off. How the heck do you get the dang tire/wheel off the axle? i got the front tires off no problem, but getting the rears over the axle/hub flange seems to be a booger. any easy ways? couple pipes over the studs then slide it off on the pipes? if there is no easy way, there...
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    M939 Series Vehicle Inspection in Texas

    This is more for TX owners, or those that have dealt with inspection in tx. I need to get my M936A2 inspected so i can register it. i know i can register as a military vehicle, but i am severely limited to what i can do with the truck. I want to stay on the right side of the law, and reg as mil...
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    M936A2 possible coolant issues

    today, I'm sure its a faulty indication caused by me digging into the dash panel today to fix an air leak for the wiper motor. i noticed the fuel and oil spill gauge wasn't acting properly either. i noticed the eng temp gauge running at 240, which until after attempting to remove the dash panel...
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    M936A2 wrecker 20k front winch

    Today, I replaced the drain cock for the hydro tank, which meant drain the fluid. I added 2 gal of Lucas hydro stop leak. I ran everything to get the Lucas through all the lines and motors. I got to the front winch and had issues with the drum lock, got that fixed and pulled all the cable out...
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    complete 24v to 12v conversion

    I did use the search function, but couldn't find anything within the realm of my inquiry. If it has been posted already, i missed it and sorry to bring up the "beating a dead horse" topic. I was contacted by a local wrecker company and he changed his mind and offered to sell me 2 936A2...
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