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  1. marchplumber

    Broken Transfer case?

    Hey Gents, Had a strange thing happen today. Was backing up to the M1061 trailer, was just about under lunette, applied parking brake. I was in reverse, low transfer. With parking brake set, my foot slipped and it killed the motor. Didn't think to much about it, restarted and finished...
  2. marchplumber


    Wanted to say a hearty "THANK YOU" to this fine gentleman! Took time and effort away from a hectic schedule to meet, greet, and escort my active duty son and myself at the Collins Foundation tour! Amazingly polite and considerate. Put up with all the "usual" questions with grace and poise. A...
  3. marchplumber

    Like or no like?

    Recently picked these up and mounted them on the M1009. Thought that they looked purty good, wondered what you all thought? God bless, Tony:D
  4. marchplumber

    M1061a1 in use

    Had an opportunity to use the M1061a1 today! First off, had to relieve the trailer of her cargo, a LTD motor and tranny for the "Raven Deuce". Without an "a" frame, used the closest tree! With the motor and tranny removed, it was time to load the Bobcat. Loaded the skid-steer while the...
  5. marchplumber

    TM numbers for clutch change requested

    Gents and Ladys, I would appreciate some assistance, please. I am going to change the clutch, press plate, pilot, and throw out on the Raven Deuce. Don't seem to be able to locate TM that describes such action for deuce with winch. (Let "flaming" start NOW! LOL) Best I could do was the...
  6. marchplumber

    Old gasser? Found in overgrowth, what ya think?

    Hey "Gents", Came across this in the weeds. Seems to have been left and ignored for quite some time. Was wondering if anyone had a word or two to share with me about a possible purchase. I have yet to "look" at it, don't know what they will ask for it. Was wondering if it would be worth the...
  7. marchplumber

    Someone is gettin a HEMTT! =)

    Went to the local fuel station yesterday and was greatly surprised! I have been there innumerable times but this was the first time there was a HEMTT present! =) She appears to be completely refurbished by Oshkosh. New tires, hoses, plastic covered seats, etc etc The cab even had that "new...
  8. marchplumber

    105a2 found new home

    It was a long time coming, but a cute "little" m105 found it way to my house this past Sunday.:grin: It took a rather circuitous route, but it did finally manage to settle in the back yard next to the shop quansit tent.[thumbzup] Pretty decent shape. Several scrapes and dents thanks to fork-lift...
  9. marchplumber

    Pesky M105 in Illinois

    Just wanted to pass on a THANK YOU to Captain and Woody!! Trailer delivered early Sunday morning! GREAT to meet and speak with you both!! Thanks for the hard work and tireless effort that finally got that pesky trailer here! LOL Got some pics but they are in the wife's camera. I will down...
  10. marchplumber

    M105 to central IL from AL

    Hello there Gentlemen and Ladies, I recently purchased a M105A2 from jrou111 in AL. We thought that we had worked out the transportation of said trailer to central Ill, but time and other difficulties conspired against me. Now, it appears that my lined-up transportation has slipped...
  11. marchplumber

    Trip to St. Johns

    Hey there everyone! I was "chatting" the other day in the mess tent and spoke with some fellas about posting some recent photos of a trip my wife and I took in the Raven Deuce:driver: to St. Johns of the Cross. This is a Monastery/Convent located here in Central Illinois. I am sure this isn't...
  12. marchplumber

    Was told to get "back-up" lights, so,,,,,,

    Hey there everyone! I was told by an "inspector" I needed back-up lights on the Raven Deuce! UGH! I don't agree, and I don't think the law does either, but I am one that will not be "right" and be wrong for inspection purposes. (easier to put on lights, and stifle the inspector that way! LOL) I...
  13. marchplumber

    Happy MV owner =)

    Gentlemen and Ladies, I am very grateful to announce that my wife and I are the proud owners of our first MV! We haven't been around the site that long and this is also our first "post". We prefer to read and listen. A TON of knowledge stored and shared at this site!! THANK YOU EVERYONE...
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