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  1. dispatcher1011

    XM211 Questions

    Hello, Found an XM211. The body is an absolute train wreck, due to rust. The chassis and engine/trans look acceptable. The rear axles need help, as they have been drained of fluid and an axle shaft was pulled. Are body parts easy to find for these things? Is the XM211 any more desirable? Just...
  2. dispatcher1011

    M35A2 Parker Fuel Pump Install

    Issue I’m having is that my Parker pump didn’t seem to come with the metal ring that goes around the rubber mounting bushing. If this was with it all, it seems to me it would just fly together. The original pump is just a little smaller in diameter than the replacement it seems.
  3. dispatcher1011

    M35A2 Parker Fuel Pump Install

    Hello All, What’s the trick to getting the Parker 1C20-10 fuel pump to fit in the original mount? Either it’s too fat with the old rubber gasket and metal half moon pieces, or it’s too loose using just the new rubber gasket. The original bail just doesn’t seem to be happy. Anyone done this that...
  4. dispatcher1011

    Fuel Filter Housing Reassembly Assistance

    I do not have the correct series of manuals for this. Thank you very much Privatewrench.
  5. dispatcher1011

    Fuel Filter Housing Reassembly Assistance

    M35A2, 1972, White LDT465. I took apart my fuel filter housings to completely clean them inside and out. I bagged and tagged the parts. (Washers, springs, cotter) I cleaned the **** out of all three housings. (Two on the motor, one on the framerail) I do not remember the sequence for...
  6. dispatcher1011

    Generator ID - MEP-18A?

    Need help ID'ing this generator. Is this a MEP-18A generator? Not much left, so this is pretty much all I have to go by. And some gauges.
  7. dispatcher1011

    M35A2 Battery Box, Complete

    Do you have a good set of the L brackets (Frame to "box") and a cover?
  8. dispatcher1011

    M35A2 Battery Box, Complete

    Looking for a battery box for an M35A2. Will need two frame mounts, cover, and battery holder / container. Please include any shipping to PA. Thanks!
  9. dispatcher1011

    What did you do to your deuce this week?

    Pics? I have some of those and am deciding where to mount them at.
  10. dispatcher1011

    M530C Fire Truck Cooling System / Radiator

    I can't notice any differences between what I see for regular M35A2 or M45 radiators.
  11. dispatcher1011

    M530C Fire Truck Cooling System / Radiator

    Thank you, I think at least two of us on here would greatly appreciate the help.
  12. dispatcher1011

    M530C Fire Truck Cooling System / Radiator

    Hello, Anyone have some pics of the radiator setup on a 70's M530C fire truck? I'm told the radiator has additional features due to the fire truck functionality. (Engine / Pump cooling, etc.) I am aware of the louvers for winterization; just most interested in anything making the radiator or...
  13. dispatcher1011

    M100 M 100 Rear Panel 1952 Trailer Reproduction

    I tried Midwest Military. Mr. Bizal does not stock them as he wasn't impressed with the quality. Does anyone have experience with the MB Juan part? I have heard that I can probably get one from DL Bensinger, but I'm hesitant after the less-than-glowing review. I can appreciate the custom built...
  14. dispatcher1011

    M100 M 100 Rear Panel 1952 Trailer Reproduction

    All, I have been looking for a rear panel for a 1952 M 100. I am told that MB Juan has a reproduction; is this correct in any way, shape, or form? I attempted to look to OMIX ADA for a panel. I cannot seem to find this panel on their site; just the whole tub. That's about 950 US from what I...
  15. dispatcher1011

    Tires - best place to purchase

    I have 4 STA's on combat rims. Nice tire, good ply, plenty heavy duty. Ask at your local tire place, maybe they will suprise you; that's where I recieved mine. My place is a Goodyear dealer, who deals in pretty much every round tire known to man.
  16. dispatcher1011

    Spotted an M37

    Looks do-able! Go home with it!!
  17. dispatcher1011

    My new M-37

    Please, please, please................. tell me that you are going to leave those door stickers on. Because that would be awesome.
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