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  1. Danl

    Searching/Shopping Vendors?

    Why is there no place on this site ,to shop a vender Vender pay cash to be here, we should be able to go to a place to get contact info on a vender,
  2. Danl

    Need parts moved from Southern Maine to Hartford Conn

    Looking to move a brush guard of myM915A1 from southen Maine to Hartford Con. anybody heading that way and can carry a brush with them pm me Please
  3. Danl

    Anybody here get a truck in arey Mass.July 26

    I spent half the day at Arey mass with a other SS mamber I feel I went over the trucks pretty well, if you won one and heading north i live close to 95 if you need help i can give a hand up to portland maine if you won one i would like to know were thay heading from here north or south or west...
  4. Danl

    Danl new member needs help

    Hey guys a new Member Name Jdmep from newyork won a Nice M915A1 in indania he will have to clear EUC but He will be needig help with Recovery, Heres a chance to drive a m915A1 Im sure you guys can help suddal it up I wish I lived along the path what a truck ,
  5. Danl


    Is this truck needed for parts, I found a mv in an gravel pit today, The dater plate best as I can read it , 1953 wrecker . Someone took off the wrecker and put on a sander and made a road plow out of it. the truck was last reg. in 1985, The truck been sitting there since, A young man pulled it...
  6. Danl


    Hello I'm from Maine I'm new here Been checking things out . I like what I see here . I hope to blend in with you guys, Folke around me think that I.m Nuts because of my passion of MV. Well i jest found all the nuts in the great USA thank you Guys. Lets have fun . I bouth a AM Genarel m915A1 in...
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