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  1. m715mike

    No Texas Rally this March (2021), but...

    Unfortunately, we are not having the annual rally in College Station, Texas in March 2021. With that said, the Museum of the American GI is holding their annual Living History Weekend on March 27 and 28. There is more information about the Museum here: Living History Weekend – Museum of the...
  2. m715mike

    TX Duel Compartment Air Tank

    Duel compartment air tank part number R0078622. Approximately 10” in diameter and 34” long. $60 plus shipping. I have a few of them in case you need more than one.
  3. m715mike

    Hydroplane Warning - Houston Fire Dept. 5-Ton

    “A Houston Fire Department High Water Rescue Vehicle moving to a Kingwood Fire Station in anticipation of the coming heavy rains hydroplaned and hit the concrete wall on I-69 northbound at Kingwood. The freeway is currently closed northbound.”...
  4. m715mike

    TX Kit, Extended Towbar for PLS Trailer

    Up for sale is an extended towbar kit for a PLS trailer (NSN 2540-01-460-5784). This kit extends the trailer tongue allowing the PLS truck and trailer to make turns with longer cargo on the trailer. I'm asking $300 or best offer. Shipping is the responsibility of the buyer. Local pick-up is...
  5. m715mike

    S-318/G Shelter, Electrical Equipment

    @TAMU86 scored a S-318/G shelter that needed to be moved this weekend. Our plan was to use the winch on his Jeep to get the shelter on my trailer. The recovery went extremely smooth. It only took 1.5 hours to drive to the shelter, load it and get back home. Very rarely do things go according...
  6. m715mike

    What is this - Seat from WWII Bomber?

    Can anyone provide any information on the seat pictured below? What did it come out of? This seat has been in my friend's father's garage for 10 years. According to the father, it is a WWII bomber seat. He couldn't bear throw it away, but wanted it out of his garage. So naturally, the seat...
  7. m715mike

    Joined the 5 Ton Club (Times 2)

    Yesterday I bought a M936A2 and a M810 and it turned into a day I'll remember for a long time to come. Also, I have a feeling that Wes Simpson won't forget it any time soon either. A friend of mine is selling his MV collection. When I expressed interest in his wrecker last July, he made me an...
  8. m715mike

    Frame Stamp - What is it?

    There is a number stamped on the frame of my M35A2. It is located on the front passenger side frame rail above the front spring hanger, and it appears to be an upside-down "2061." What is it? There are no visible numbers on the driver's side under the left front fender. If there are numbers...
  9. m715mike

    TX to LA and back 2-17-2020

    I’m headed from my home in Montgomery, Texas to Jeepsinker’s place in DeRidder, Louisiana and back home on Monday, February 17. I’m taking my full size SUV and may or may not pull a 20’ trailer. Let me know if you need anything moved between Texas and Louisiana. If needed, I can hold...
  10. m715mike

    F-111 Aardvark - Brenham, Texas

    The Washington County Veterans Association cosmetically restored this F-111 Aardvark with donations from many local business and individuals in Brenham, Texas. Restoration work was completed at the Brenham airport. SS member Texasvet100 (Joe) towed the Aardvark from the airport to its new home...
  11. m715mike

    2018 TX MV Rally Buy/Sell/Trade Thread

    The 2018 Texas MV Rally is coming up on March 23-25. Rally details are included here: Feel free to use this thread for items you want to buy, sell or trade at the Rally. Also, please respect the following: > As part of...
  12. m715mike

    Embedded YouTube Videos

    I noticed last weekend that embedded YouTube videos were not appearing on my screen. As shown in the picture below, all I see is a blank area where the video should be. This happens when viewing the site on my iPhone using the Safari app. I am viewing the desktop version (or "full site") as...
  13. m715mike

    Montgomery, Texas to Liberty Hill, Texas and back

    I'm headed to see the guys at in Liberty Hill, Texas on Wednesday, March 22. I'm taking my large SUV and 20' trailer. I will be empty on the way up and only 5' of the trailer will be full coming home. Let me know if you want something hauled from Montgomery to Liberty Hill...
  14. m715mike

    Continental motor in a can from GL

    Government Liquidation auctioned several Continental LDT 465-1D motors between November 2015 and February 2016. I purchased one, which is going into my truck this week. I have also spoken with and read posts by individuals that picked these engines up to have as spares. My question is, has...
  15. m715mike

    Green dots indicating a thread subscription

    What happened to the green dots? There have always been green dots in the upper right hand corner of the thread title box indicating that you have a subscription to that particular thread (see the picture below). The green dots are now missing. Is it possible to bring them back? I like...
  16. m715mike

    Sending my Deuce to Organizational Maintenance Unit (a.k.a. Jeepsinker)

    On the way home from an event last November, the engine in my truck developed a loud knock. I was roughly 20 miles from home when the knock became noticeable while I was driving and wearing hearing protection. The truck made it home that night and has been sidelined until now. My plan was to...
  17. m715mike

    Montgomery, TX to DeRidder, LA to ???

    I'm making plans to transport my Deuce from Montgomery, Texas (my home) to Jeepsinker in DeRidder, Louisiana (which is near Fort Polk). I'm exploring several options. One of which includes having it hauled on a 53-foot drop deck trailer that has ramps. A gentleman I've known for quite a while...
  18. m715mike

    Tow Light Bar with 8-pin plug

    Here's some information about the tow light bar and cable assembly. According to TM 9-2320-260-10, the "Tow Light and Cable Assembly" was a basic issue item (or "BII") on the M816 and M819 5-ton wreckers. The tow light bar and cable were issued together under one NSN number (NSN...
  19. m715mike

    MV Event in Texas Nov. 21, 2015

    On November 21, 2015, the Museum of the American GI is having their Tires, Tracks, and Tents event just outside of College Station, Texas. Detailed information about the event may be found at the Museum's website here: Please note...
  20. m715mike

    Volunteer(s) in West Fargo, ND with MV requested for Veterans Event

    Is anyone free and willing to take their MV to Legacy Elementary School in West Fargo, North Dakota to aid the school in a Veterans Day celebration? The school is flexible and would appreciate if one (or more) MVs could come on either Monday, November 9, Thursday, November 12, or Friday...
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