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  1. hrbergeron

    Issues Starting MEP-005

    I have an issue where my MEP-005 will not start. Backstory: Generator ran fine up until around 3 weeks ago when I accidentally ran it out of fuel. Since then after refilling the tank with fuel, the generator will not start. I am getting fuel to the injectors and smoke from the exhaust, but the...
  2. hrbergeron

    M1031 Build Thread

    I’m starting this build thread to keep myself reminded of what I’ve done to the vehicle and plans I have for the vehicle. When I can, I try to help people on this site with their vehicles, and one of the best ways I have learned how to do something for my military vehicles is simply observing...
  3. hrbergeron

    M1009 Braking Issue

    I've read through several posts on here trying to find a solution to my problem but I haven't found it yet. It's on a 1984 M1009 CUCV Here is my problem: When braking, the vehicle will pull hard to the left or to the right. It appears that only one of the front brakes will get the majority of...
  4. hrbergeron

    Need Unimog transported 120 miles

    Need FLU419 Unimog transported 120 miles from 23027 to 23061. Runs and drives Length:21 ft 0 in. Width:8 ft 0 in. Height:8 ft 6 in. Weight:16000 lbs
  5. hrbergeron

    Blackout Drive Light

    I have a problem with my blackout drive light. It is in my CUCV II, but from everything I have seen in comparison to my other vehicles it is a very similar setup as a CUCV I. In blackout lights "on" and b.o. drive "on", I am getting no voltage to the B.O. drive light. All the other b.o. side...
  6. hrbergeron

    Generator fault, need help.

    Need help. Need to get back running because power is out. The generator was running fine and when I looked outside at the panel I saw 160 volts on each phase. Turned off the output and now it won't put out any voltage. The "LOW FUEL/STOPPED" warning light is on. The fuel is not low and is full...
  7. hrbergeron

    Any way to tell differential gear ratio without removing the cover?

    Is there any way to tell what gear ratio the differentials are without dropping the covers? I thought they were stamped on the side, but I can't find it. This is on a 1994 M998A1. Need to know the ratio for programming my transmission computer.
  8. hrbergeron

    Questions about the Electronic Speedometer and Voltage Regulator

    I am finishing up my 4L80E swap in one of my HMMWVs. I currently have two questions after everything is done. I installed an electronic speedometer, harness, and sending unit. Everything is working, but the speed, according to the GPS on my phone, is off by 10 MPH too high, ie. showing 70 MPH...
  9. hrbergeron

    Transmission Light Issue

    Hello all, I have a M1025A2 HMMWV that has had an issue with the transmission light since I received it. The problem is that the transmission light is illuminated after the vehicle is turned off. This leaves the TCM on and eventually kills the batteries. Once the vehicle is turned on, the...
  10. hrbergeron

    Problem with quick disconnect fan clutch

    I have a 2001 M1123 that I have been doing some work to. I disconnected the fan clutch yesterday and I can't get it to reconnect. Seems like it just needs to go 1/8" more to snap on. Any tips/tricks to get it back on? There's much less room to get my hands in to reconnect it than on a v belt engine.
  11. hrbergeron


    Has anyone ever used Centramatics on the m1009 CUCV? If so, what model number did you use? The one's on my HMMWV work well so I'm thinking of getting a set for my blazer.
  12. hrbergeron

    CANCELLED: Washington D.C. Memorial Day Parade 2020

    2020 Desert Storm Memorial Day Parade. 25 May 2020 We have been asked to bring military vehicles to the Washington, D.C. Memorial Day Parade. This is the one that goes right down Pennsylvania Avenue. We are attached to the Desert Storm unit of the parade. You do not need to be a Desert Storm...
  13. hrbergeron

    Looking for a Wire Number

    Does anyone know the wire number for the horn where it plugs into the light switch? I was half asleep last night when I was wiring my backup lights and tapped into 40 instead, which is the panel lights.
  14. hrbergeron

    Proof is in the pudding, a rear front hydraulic winch

    I have always wanted a rear winch on this HMMWV because I use it as a work vehicle around the farm, hauling branches, trees, etc. and a rear winch cable would be very useful. I was lucky to pick up a front milemarker winch for very cheap near me. I wanted to be somewhat military correct when I...
  15. hrbergeron

    M1009 Pioneer Kit

    I installed this Pioneer Kit in my M1009. Robbed the tools from my HMMWV kit that I don't use any more. Came brand new in the box and was originally designed for a m35. Bolted in and I think it looks stock.
  16. hrbergeron

    "Rod Hall" GMV Suspension

    I picked up this M1025A2 from the recent GoDove auction. EUC wait time was 3 months. 2 of those months, the agent that signs the EUCs was on vacation. This was a special forces GMV that was upgraded. The shocks on this are nitrogen charged remote reservoirs. They're about 2-3x the size of stock...
  17. hrbergeron

    Squealing Belt

    I'm stuck and don't know what to do. Here's what happened M1009 Cucv Blazer, still 24v, glow plugs are not bypassed. -Originally had no alternators when I bought the vehicle, bought two of them off Ebay. Both isolated ground 100ish amp alternators. All new gates belts. -Driver side worked...
  18. hrbergeron

    Glow Plug Relay Voltage

    I believe there is a problem with my glow plug system. When starting, it takes around two revolutions of the engine before the engine starts. Is this normal? I assume it should act like my HMMWVs and start on the first revolution. Then again, my Ram 2500 takes around two revolutions to start...
  19. hrbergeron

    "Another" Gen 1 Alternator Light Thread

    Before posting, I have read multiple threads on here about others with a similar issue and consulted the TMs. My Gen 1 dash light will not come on. I have a 1985 M1009 Here is what I have done: -Cleaned the heater fuse connection and put in a new 20 amp fuse (4x4 light, low oil light, and...
  20. hrbergeron

    Seeking TMs and Advice on Nordic ECU Install

    I just purchased two 36,000btu Nordic ECUs to cool and heat my motor pool. By my calculations I only need around 60,000btu so 72,000btu will be more than enough. I am powering it off of my MEP-005A so I will have 3 phase. I know how to wire it but I can not find the TM for it online. Does anyone...
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