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  1. Flyingvan911

    M151 Vacuum and Fuel line connection help needed.

    I have the engine in my Mutt and have done a bunch of research but my Mutt has a typical Frankenstein set up and I need advice from those with more experience. The body is an A2 but the engine and fuel tank are close to A1 non-emissions. Here is what I have: Non-emissions fuel tank. Fittings...
  2. Flyingvan911

    Prisoner from Lansing, KS escapes in M929.

    (I’m not having luck posting a link from my phone.) An inmate from the prison in Lansing, KS escaped using a M929 5 ton dump truck. The truck has been found at 92 and Parallel in Kansas City, KS. Not sure what the guy did but I hope he gets caught. The news and half the people commenting on...
  3. Flyingvan911

    Kansas City HEMTT guys headed to Texas for hurricane relief effort.

    The guys who rescued a family from their roof during a flood in Kansas City last week are now headed down to Texas to help with the hurricane relief effort. They contacted an agency in Houston and the agency asked them to bring their HEMTT. I have never met them that I know of but these are...
  4. Flyingvan911

    HEMTT rescues family from roof in Kansas City.

    Some of our local MV owners used a HEMTT to rescue a family stuck on their roof. We had a ton of rain last night on top of saturated soil from a number of large rains recently.
  5. Flyingvan911

    Thanks, MWMules for M105A2

    I don't really need a trailer but it looks good with the deuce and I could use it once in a while. MWMules told me he had a few and he'd give me a good deal, $250. He set me up with a M105A2 with sideracks. The trailer he was going to sell me is blocked in so we went in to town and he had a 2006...
  6. Flyingvan911

    Deuce broken down on roadside-Napa part numer?

    We are broken down on the Northbound side of US-69 in Kansas north of Fort Scott and south of Louisburg. The front outer wheel bearing has fragged. Can't find a Napa part number. Is there one? Searched and couldn't find one. We are trying to get one before any nearby store closes. Thanks. Does...
  7. Flyingvan911

    Vic 1-What positions for switches?

    I am putting a Vic 1 in my deuce and am not sure how the switches on the 1780 and 2298 boxes need to set. I have searched but haven't found anything specific on switch settings. I have heard if the switches aren't set right, the Vic can be damaged. I have a RT-524 on a MT-1029 mount. I am...
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