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  1. blackhueys

    CUCV painted military yellow?

    When I was stationed at ft.Irwin California aka the big sandbox, the opfor vehicles we used were old cucvs painted all kinds of colors we had black green yellow etc.
  2. blackhueys

    Door switch for courtesy on M1008

    If you reach way up on the inside behind the dash there is a opening that was used by the factory its almost right behind the gen lights. fish your wire down thru that hole and jiggle it around some till you see it in the factory hole for the pin switches then grab it with a pick or some stiff...
  3. blackhueys

    What all do I need to install a cruise control kit on a CUCV?

    When you installed your rostra kit, what did you do about the tachometer input wire? Did you just leave it disconnected or did you figure out a means of sending tach signal to it? The Rostra kit indicates that tach signal isn't necessary but is a good idea for safety, to keep the engine...
  4. blackhueys

    What all do I need to install a cruise control kit on a CUCV?

    What did you do with your windshield wiper/sprayer controls? the replacement lever just pops in everything works the same just adds cruise switches
  5. blackhueys

    What all do I need to install a cruise control kit on a CUCV?

    That's the system I installed in my m1009. I went with the stock appearing turn signal lever and yes you do need a vehicle speed sensor (VSS) The one I used attaches to the end of the speedometer cable inline down by the transfer case this is the part number from Rostra if i remember right...
  6. blackhueys

    Stereo in the M1009, I hear my engine in my speakers!

    I have had that in the past. You need to look up online ground loop noises or related and it will give you a plethora of info to this issue.
  7. blackhueys

    gen 1 light on with fan fixed!

    Ok I know alot of others have run into this issue, you turn your fan on for heat and gen 1 on the dash lights up dimly and volt gauge drops a bit. Well I fixed mine, Bought a relay harness and a relay used the stock 12 volts from the original feed to the blower motor as my switched feed to...
  8. blackhueys

    Unburned fuel 'spots' on tailgate?!

    I had the same issue, long trips and above 60 mph what I found on mine was the vent for the trans was leaking and the under truck air movement was pulling and curling it up onto the tail gate. my trans level was good and the only thing I did to fix it was added some trans additive yes I know...
  9. blackhueys

    Mystery wire

    Mine broke along time ago never fixed it and I have no issues besides the buzzer not working lol. I am fastidious about wearing my seat belt so it is no big deal to me.
  10. blackhueys

    Has anyone ever used a "6.2 Rear main seal installation tool"?

    let me guess you found out about the oil pan gasket just as you went to put the first few bolts in lol. The rear seal is not that hard just take your time jack the truck up by the frame rails and let the front axle just hang there will give you plenty of room to get the pan off. Make sure you...
  11. blackhueys

    extra fuel tank outlet?

    the arctic fuel kits tap off the fuel line up behind the pass side front tire there is a tee in the line for it there. On our trucks I was told that the line you talk about is to drain the tank if you should ever need to change it out,
  12. blackhueys

    m1009 spots

    I had that happen to me before from what I could tell it was coming out the transmission vent. I searched around online for a fix and found out it maybe because the front pump seal was going bad or it could be because of overheating when I drove on the highway as I used to get my 1009 up to...
  13. blackhueys

    M1009 Cargo Management

    heres a unique idea.
  14. blackhueys

    M1009 front bearing replacement project: Advice needed on what else to replace

    dont forget to get the 2 special 4x4 sockets as well.
  15. blackhueys

    CUCV Truck requiring a Particulate Filter?

    i always wondered in california with the smog stuff req could we not just point to the sticker under the hood that says emissions exempt? just wondering?
  16. blackhueys

    Jumping another vehicle with a M1009

    yes 24 volt bus bar bad, but it can cause lots of fun lol
  17. blackhueys

    What air filter breater duct is this?

    i had the diesel set up one with the resonator in it you will need the different battery holders like the civy trucks have which take one battery and put it on the drivers side you will then need to get longer battery wires to make up the difference. If you want to I still have the complete left...
  18. blackhueys

    This fell out of my transmission...

    come on guys we all know what it is its the part next to that other part thats a bit shiny near the bottom top half of the transmission.
  19. blackhueys

    New m1009 with rust question

    one secret to helping the rear quarters live longer is this when you wash and rinse the truck off next time look up from the ground right where the rear tire is if you look at were the rear quarter panel is you will see some access holes rinse those out really good the first time I did I had all...
  20. blackhueys

    New m1009 with rust question

    Yes it does peel from wear and tear I used to have to scrape the cars and then reapply it on almost every car that came in for touch ups. If a car was rusty underneath we would use an acid to dissolve the rust then apply some stuff to convert it back to a good surface like what you were talking...
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