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    Coming down the home stretch (MM)

    It's been almost two years, but I'm beginning to see the end of the project. My MM rebuild has been challenging, to say the least. Had I known what I was getting into, I probably would have thought twice. BUT, it is really unique and intriguing, and I'm not sorry I did it. The engine is...

    South Wind heater

    Question of the day; has anyone who has an M-43 ever fired up the gas fired heater in the patient compartment? I'm looking to use mine, if it's feasible. Everything looks to be in good shape, unit doesn't seem to have been used much, still "new" looking. However, don't want a possible "bomb"...

    Mighty Mite project update

    Wow, there seems to be a dearth of posts regarding Mighty Mites. Although, I can understand that since there are so few of them around. That said, I'm ramping up the work on my MM again. At this point it's all disassembled and the engine is at the machine shop. It was in good/bad shape...

    '42 GPW script Navy jeep

    Last May, I acquired a "restored" 1942 GPW script Navy jeep. Well, it's painted Navy gray anyway. I'm well aware that most of those "Navy" jeeps were acquired by "other means" so to speak. Anyway, even though it was restored, and a decent restoration it was, I still had lots of little issues...

    Mighty Mite radio?

    Well, somehow things didn't work out quite right in attaching the picture the first time.. Anyway, here is my 1962 MMA1. It was a "field find" in that it had been sitting for about 50 years outside. Covered somewhat, but......! All original, though. Anyway, my question is, does anyone know...

    Air Force M-43 markings

    Air Force vehicle markings Here's hoping there is someone out there who can help with markings info. I am almost finished with my 1953 M-43 Air Force ambulance restoration. It was an "unmolested" all original rig, with no rust cancer, damage, etc. Interior was original and pristine, just...

    Low oil pressure

    Just installed my newly rebuilt 230 engine in my M-43. Fired up, ran great. However, oil pressure is on the low side, 25 PSI at elevated RPM. Trying to figure it out. I discovered that the oil pressure relief valve had been installed backwards, according to the TM. It apparently is very...

    "New" M-38

    Well, I'm at it again. Never mind that I have one project (1953 M-43), just acquired another. Picked up a nice little 1952 M-38 last week. Serial number is 54139, delivery date of 2/52. It came from the Oregon coast, but is pretty much rust free. Body is pretty sound. Has the canvas top...

    Fall here, ramping up work on M-43

    The wet weather has returned here in the NW. So, it's time to retreat to the shop and continue the work on my Air Force M-43. Got a sweet deal. The interior is almost pristine. Won't have to paint, it's just like it came from the factory. Some wipedown, and it's as good as new. All the...
  10. TAKPAK

    Deuce engine make?

    Is there any way to tell for sure what multifuel engine is in your deuce, i.e. Hercules, Continental, etc.? Mine has been rebuilt, and where the ID tag telling the engine manufacture was, has been replaced with the rebuild ID plate. Just curious. It was replaced/rebuilt in 1995, and thus far...
  11. TAKPAK

    Cruise in for Veterans Center

    July 12th is the day for the annual Salvation Army Veterans Center cruise in, in Beaverton Oregon. This is the third year for the show, and it's a great one. It is a vintage car cruise in, however, military vehicles are invited and encouraged. This center is for homeless/needy/troubled Veterans...
  12. TAKPAK

    Oil pressure in multifuel

    I have an oil pressure problem....possibly too much? Here's the story; on cold startup, at fast idle (1000 RPM's) pressure is 60-70 PSI. As I start down the road, increased RPM's equates to increased oil pressure, sometimes to over 100 PSI. As the engine warms up to operating temps, pressure...
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