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  1. Coffey1

    Air dryer

    Changed it out today hopefully it works better than the OEM one.
  2. Coffey1

    Air pressure

    Alright fmtv gurus, what pressure's should we be seeing at wet tank? Mine builds to 145 then air dryer purges Drops to about 90 and rebounds. Mines a 6x6 Andy's go to 118 and purges. I believe his also restarts at 90 his is 4x4 Thoughts
  3. Coffey1

    Anyone a hydraulic genius

    Need someone who is a wizard on hydraulics to help me figure out why my wrecker is working but not correctly.
  4. Coffey1


    Just curious how many own 1089s here.
  5. Coffey1

    Alternator will not charge until I slave it with running truck

    I have 24 and 12 volts at alternator 24 at excite terminal No charge the second I plug slave cable to another truck running the alternator starts charging with flashing green lights
  6. Coffey1

    Banged up just a little
  7. Coffey1

    Glad I got a generator

    Power went out about 630.
  8. Coffey1

    1088 now green

  9. Coffey1

    Want your cabs to be cooler add this

  10. Coffey1

    I got this little gem

  11. Coffey1

    Ugly duckling no more

  12. Coffey1

    New project

    Starting another one besides ugly duckling lol.
  13. Coffey1

    Ctis pcu

    Andy and I can repair these if anyone needs it. Send it to us and we will repair and test. Cost will be at most 125.00 If it needs a transducer we have not aquired a sourse fo those. But very unlikely they are the problem. Call me if you need one repaired 704-534-4486 Ken
  14. Coffey1

    Stuck Hummer

    USAF said that they can't get it unstuck. Am I missing something here?
  15. Coffey1

    Saying goodbye to Hemtt

  16. Coffey1

    5 ton recovery

    Flying to Tyler Texas Friday to pick up this truck
  17. Coffey1

    What have you done to your FMTV or LMTV today

    Painted mine today pictures soon
  18. Coffey1

    I am back even though I never really left

    My new truck. It will not be tan for long lol.
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