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    MEP-002a damaged by Laura

    Well the injection pump is the least of my problems now, anyone know where I can get parts? exhaust header broken off the engine, broke the boss off the engine which i hope can be welded back on and retapped. Thanks for any help on locating parts, no telling how long we will be without power here
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    MEP-002a injection pump replacement?

    Well when it rains it pours, literally, we have a Cat 4 Hurricane on the way scheduled to be here in the overnight hours, and now my MEP-002a will not start. It ran fine when I last started it a few months ago, now it is not getting fuel to the injector pump. I have a spare new in the box...
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    MEP-016b / 701Aa voltage regulator wiring?

    Does anyone have a photo or diagram of the wiring connection on a MEP 701a/016b, I am trying to help someone get a MEP-016b going before hurricane Laura hits tommorow, and the TM is unclear on wiring connection, they have a 016b that is missing its voltage regulator, and a new in the box...
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    MEP 003a engine replacement

    Well It looks like I am having a blowby problem on my MEP-003a, and am debating if it is economical to try to salvage it, or if I should look for one of those rebuilt engines that seemed to be everywhere a year or two ago, but seem to have all disappeared now. Any suggestions with the cost of...
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    Its cold outside lets talk Heaters, H81, H82, H83, etc.

    I own an H82, bought from GL last January, and overall it seems to work well for my shop heating needs, but I was wondering a bit about the differences between these three models and what light you might shed on their history. I know they are all very similar, and were all build by Engineered...
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    Fork Lift hole spacing MEP-002a/003a?

    The title says it all, does anyone know off hand what the center on center hole spacing is for the fork lift slots on a MEP-002a / MEP-003a? I am about 50 miles away from mine at the moment, and will not get a chance to measure them until Saturday. thanks
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    MEP owners slave port survey?

    Which style slave cable port do your generators have? I have both types on mine with no apparent scheme: MEP701a - 2 pin MEP-016D - 1 pin MEP-003a - 2 pin MEP-002a - 1 pin (looks retrofitted at a 45 degree angle in the 2 pin mounting bracket)
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    MEP-003a will not pull load

    I have a MEP-003a that I bought about 8 months ago that I have been slowly fixing up, Anyway today I finally got around to doing a formal load test on it and the engine starts to stall out and rpms drop off at around 4.5 - 5KWs manually throttle addition will not pick up rpms, and addition of...
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    Salvaging an EUC item?

    There is an EUC item coming up for sale on GL that I am thinking about bidding on for the purpose of parting out. It has been a few years since my last EUC purchase, and I am wondering if the paperwork process is any different for items to be parted out? Or when filling out paperwork should I...
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    MEP-002a / 003a Owner survey?

    I was wondering if your generator has a sheet metal trough under the oil filter canister? I ask because it seems most photos online show them, however my MEP-003a does not have one, and my MEP-002a does. I assume it was a feature that was added at some point to help catch the oil that would...
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    MEP-002a / 003a guage size?

    Off hand does anyone know the size of the holes in the front panel for the Hz and Voltage gauges? Mine is about 20 miles away so it is not handy to run measure. thanks Ike
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    Couple of H82 heater Questions

    I just picked up the H82 heater I won from GL last week, it is nearly identical to the Army H83 only real difference is the plug and the soft start assembly. Anyway, I picked it up, put some diesel in it and it seems to fire up and run. The hour meter shows only 2 hours of run time, I don't...
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    MEP-002a / 003a glow plug compression adapter?

    Does anyone know of a source for a glow plug compression test adapter for the MEP-002a / 003a generators? These glow plugs are threaded 7/16x20 unlike most glow plugs which have metric threads. I have seen mention that one of the members here was making these, but I don't know who or if they...
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    MEP-002a Style 1 vs 2 Starter

    I was just wondering does the Style 1 Starter found on some MEP-002a and MEP-003a generators have any advantage over the Style 2 starters? I know the Style 2 draw less amps when starting. Ike
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    MEP-003a while the shroud is off?

    I had to pull the fan shroud off of my MEP-003a in order to change out 2 of my diesel injectors. The two cylinders on the end closest to the blower were very slow to fire after starting on the other two (5-10 seconds), and would blow white smoke for a couple of minutes, changing out the...
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    Need T2 for MEP-003a

    Well today I found the source of the voltage control problems on my new to me MEP-003a, it seems someone wired T2 up backwards with the X1/X2 wires goes to H1/H2, and vice versa. This seems to be a simple enough step down transformer, but I can't find any specs online, so I am therefore asking...
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    MEP-003a CVT1 markings?

    I am trouble shooting a voltage regulation problem (voltage going high, regulator good, no output showing on panel meters) on my MEP-003a and have now reached the point of testing CVT1 per the TM. The instructions in the TM say to measure resistance between H1-H2, H3-H4, H5-H6, and between...
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    Whats the deal on EUC's and trailers?

    I know the rules were changed for no EUC required for generators mounted on trailers a while back, but I was wondering if / what are the other circumstances where GL trailers are being sold without showing an EUC requirement. I have noticed several lots of trailers sold around here over the...
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    Filters found on surplus generators?

    I don't think this topic has came up before, so I thought I would ask what type of filters (oil,fuel,air) have you found installed on the generators you have bought from GL, GSA auctions etc. For me my MEP-701a came with a WIX oil filter (#5335 I think, also had had written sticker on the...
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    Bad Military Surplus Generator Advice Online

    I started looking around last night using google to find advice on buying military surplus generators and was shocked to see so much bad advice and misinformation out there on a variety of message boards ranging from the wacko survivalist boards, gun owner boards, to home owner groups. (this is...
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